First-person Fortnite could be coming for Chapter 4 Season 2

First-person Fortnite could be coming for Chapter 4 Season 2
Epic Games

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Tom Chapman


6th Mar 2023 11:44

Haven't you heard, Fortnite is the new Call of Duty: Warzone? While Epic Games' battle royale shooter makes a not-so-small fortune off its skins shining in a third-person perspective, that could all be about to change if a first-person Fortnite gets off the ground.

Back in the day, Fortnite was renowned for its building, but now, just think how many of us default to the No Build mode. As Epic continues to reinvent, a first-person Fortnite mode could be the next evolution of the gaming goliath.

Is first-person Fortnite on the way?

According to Fortnite favourite HYPEX, a first-person mode could be coming over the hill for the imminent Chapter 4 Season 2. We've heard about a first-person Fortnite before, but now, some of the biggest names associated with the game are chucking fuel on the fire.

Dataminers have done their usual digging, with the likes of HYPEX, Shiina, and iFireMonkey all suggesting a first-person Fortnite is just around the corner. Given that the game makes its moolah off flogging skins - and these largely become redundant in first-person - it's an interesting route to take.

Then again, we've seen Call of Duty: Warzone make a fortune on its first-person credentials, sell skins, and still laugh all the way to the bank by being entirely first-person. Giving Fortnite players the option is frankly long overdue. 

It's true that guns like the DMR and sniper rifle give you a first-person perspective in Fortnite, but the latest moves could lock you into that viewpoint permanently. If the above is to be believed, we guess a first-person Fortnite would be as simple as toggling the setting on or off. 

When does Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 release?

The @FortniteStatus Twitter confirms that Chapter 4 Season 1 will come to an end on March 8 (Wednesday), with the usual downtime meaning Chapter 4 Season 2 should go live on March 9.

As for what's on the way, leaks are a little thinner on the ground than usual, however, we've heard a Japanese-themed season is on the way. Hammers are apparently out and could be replaced by katanas, so get practising your best Ghost of Tsushima impressions.

Elsewhere, there are whispers that Lucky Landing is back, futuristic motorbikes could be revving into action, and the big collaboration could be Attack on Titan. As with all these things, wait for the official nod from Epic Games.

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