First Left 4 Dead prototype leaks as a new version of Counter-Strike

First Left 4 Dead prototype leaks as a new version of Counter-Strike
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Tarran Stockton


27th Nov 2023 12:40

During the recent 25th anniversary of Half-Life, Valve updated the game to add some new features and fixes, adding them to Counter-Strike 1.6 at the same time. 

However, in doing so, it appears that the first ever prototype for Left 4 Dead was accidentally leaked, allowing players to finally give it a try.

You can play Left 4 Dead in Counter-Strike 1.6

Before Left 4 Dead launched as we know it, it was made as a prototype for Counter-Strike, and all these years later, it's now playable in CS 1.6. 

Titled Terror Strike, it was originally made in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, but after the latest update to 1.6, a user called The One Epicplayer ported the zombie_city map over, allowing the exact prototype to be made playable.

The prototype was showcased on Twitter by Gabe Follower, who stated, "Valve accidentally compiled and pushed earliest Left 4 Dead prototype 'Terror Strike' into the latest CS 1.6 update and [the] community figured out how to play it."

What is Terror Strike?

the bomb being planted in Terror Strike
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Terror Strike is extremely bare bones in its playable state, consisting of a grey-boxed map that the player can explore, and waves of Counter-Terrorists who are designed to follow the player like a horde of zombies. 

According to Gabe Follower, the goal is to "make it to the house and plant the bomb. Once the bomb is planted, every zombie will respawn and a horde will come for the survivors.

"The survivors must survive the horde by killing all the zombies. The round is won when all zombies are killed while the bomb is planted." 

While it looks and feels very different from Left 4 Dead as we know it, some of the core ideas can still be seen within the Terror Strike prototype, such as horde mechanics, which became prevalent in specific parts of the game.

It seems Left 4 Dead news is coming thick and fast recently, as we also finally learned why Left 4 Dead 2 was born from the first game being so broken. But will we ever get that third game?

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