Fans think longtime Marvel actor is in Insomniac's Wolverine game

Fans think longtime Marvel actor is in Insomniac's Wolverine game
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Joseph Kime


7th Mar 2023 10:06

Marvel's Wolverine might be a long way off, and we might know next to nothing about it, but damn it looks exciting. All we have is a teaser trailer from 2021, which revealed those impossibly shiny claws as the new weapon of choice for Insomniac's next original game.

The teaser trailer was breathtaking and proved that the future of comic book-based video games is in safe hands with the Marvel's Spider-Man team. But that's all we've got.

Thankfully, the theorising of dedicated fans has given us a little more wiggle room to consider what's coming. They reckon that they know who will bring the ferocious hero to life.

Fans think they're found Insomniac's Wolverine

A new TikTok by jack_whiteman7 has revealed a theory that the Wolverine we'll get to see in the upcoming Insomniac game will be played by a true veteran of Marvel voice acing - and a veteran of Logan himself.

The video posits that a video of Steve Blum in mocap implies that he's been working with Insomniac on Marvel's Wolverine. Whether right or wrong, it's our first hint at who could take up the character's role.

Blum would make for a popular choice, having played Wolverine in the likes of Fortnite, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and even Marvel's Midnight Suns. He's also played the title character in the animated show, Wolverine and the X-Men.

It'd make perfect sense for Blum to take up the role of the clawed Canadian and would be a nice casting choice for longtime fans of Marvel video games and cartoons.

Does Marvel's Wolverine have a release window? 

Though Steve Blum portraying Logan is a good theory, we might be waiting quite some time before we find out the truth about who will be behind the cowl. All signs point to Wolverine being a while off. 

This comic book blockbuster currently has no release date attached but it is expected to come no sooner than very late 2024 or even 2025.

Wolverine will need a lot of work to be as perfect a representation of the character as Marvel's Spider-Man was for the web-slinger - but we'll wait if that means it'll be perfect.

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