MW2 fans think ‘live service’ Call of Duty will ruin the series

MW2 fans think ‘live service’ Call of Duty will ruin the series
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Jack Marsh


20th Mar 2023 13:07

With a range of newly developed shooter games swirling above the Call of Duty franchise like vultures awaiting its downfall, long-time players now think the leading game designers are shooting themselves in the foot with their live service approach.

Studios like Dr Disrespect's Midnight Society with Deadrop, 100 Thieves with Project X, Ubisoft with xDefiant, ex-Call of Duty devs at Wildlight with their unnamed shooter, and even Embark Studios with the upcoming game THE FINALS, prove there plenty looking at usurping Activision.

Just when you thought Call of Duty would be putting its foot down, a string of poor game releases have left fans bewildered.

Call of Duty fans are fed up with 'live service' game model

It was Tommy Shelby who said, "If we lift our heels off their necks now, they'll come at us," and for Call of Duty, that's precisely what they're doing. Fans are now thinking the mediocre and unfinished game releases with live service action are going to be its death.

Taking to social media, fans have blamed the post-launch live service model for making Call of Duty into an XP simulator which revolves around Shipment. 

"My guess is that the appeal [for Shipment-like maps] increased when COD went with the "Live Service" model, since shipment makes it easier/faster to progress," said one fan.

MW2 players are blaming 'live service' model for Call of Duty's decaying map pool

"Too many people with too little time trying to finish limited-time challenges and battle passes and whatnot. Their FOMO causes them to gravitate towards the fastest way to complete these tasks, which is shipment," added another fan.

The complaints come off the back of unjust hate for the new Himmelmatt Expo map, which for long-time CoD fans feels lovely, but is "too big" for XP merchants.

While Call of Duty converts into a Shipment and Shoot House simulator every year, it could just be the straw that breaks the camel's back for fans to fall in love with other shooter games that have picked up the space CoD has left.

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