Fans discover startling secret about Samus’ Metroid suit

Fans discover startling secret about Samus’ Metroid suit
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Joseph Kime


6th Mar 2023 12:27

The Metroid series has always been defined by its secrets, and boy, does it have plenty. The games have always been about what lies around the corner and what can be found when backtracking through labyrinthian corridors, and the Prime series did wonders to push that into a new dimension.

But we needn't look much further than the original reveal that Samus is actually a woman under her armour to see that mystery has defined Metroid no matter its style. There are secrets that even Nintendo hasn't revealed - luckily, we have inquisitive fans on the job who are willing to dig up the specifics.

Now, we've been offered a deep dive into Samus' suit, proving that her iconic outfit might not actually be very practical.

Reddit is arguing about Samus' Suit

Reddit is caught in a civil war. No, we're not surprised either. The argument capital of the internet has caught itself in another flame war, and this time it's unfolding on the battlefield of the Metroid subreddit. Fans of the franchise can't decide whether or not Samus' arms actually fit into her suit.

The battle is waging on, and all the while, The Drum's Chris Sutcliffe is reporting on the diagrams that some users are busting out to prove their points.

Some are convinced that it works perfectly with Samus' shape, but others are insistent that an image from the Super Metroid instruction manual proves that the arms aren't emergent from the body of the suit itself.

It's an argument that's pointless, as Metroid's absurd nature doesn't exactly lend itself to realism - but there's only one real answer to this question. And that's to ask another question - who the f**k cares?

Does Samus actually fit in her suit?

Ultimately, it doesn't matter if Samus would fit in her suit, because thankfully, she's not real enough for us to care. She was raised by bird aliens and fights other aliens, including a giant pterodactyl-looking baddie, so her suit is probably the last of her worries.

We're more concerned about what happens to Samus' bones when she turns into a lightning-fast screwball. Remembering we're not actually in Samus' position of slaughtering aliens and squeezing through corridors the size of a small dog, her suit is still fun to discuss. We don't have to kill each other, though, Reddit.

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