Fans Argue Over Nibel's Game Awards Nomination

Fans Argue Over Nibel's Game Awards Nomination
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Joseph Kime


15th Nov 2022 09:56

The Game Awards nominations have finally been revealed for 2022, and there are a lot of predictable picks.

Elden Ring and God of War: Ragnarok are the big hitters, and there are some surprise nominations for the likes of Stray, Immortality, and a big nomination sweep from A Plague Tale: Requiem.

There is naturally a lot of debate around nominations, with players wondering if Horizon: Forbidden West deserves to be recognised for art direction when it just looks a bit lovely, and what the Family category actually means - but one news aggregator has accidentally caused an uproar.

Why Was Nibellion Nominated At The Game Awards?

Nibellion, known as Nibel to most, has been nominated in the category of Content Creator of the Year in The Game Awards 2022. Nibel sits alongside big names like Lugwig and Karl Jacobs, but fans are already debating if their contributions to the gaming industry count as content creation.

Before they left Twitter not too long ago, Nibellion served as a news aggregator for the gaming industry, sharing news faster than anybody else could and making a name for themselves as the first place to go for immediate developments coming out of the gaming industry.

One Nibel supporter wrote, "I'd love for the gaming community to give props to someone that did them a service, was entertaining, and did it without asking for much at all." Another joked, "My voting results for the game awards are basically just: Elden Ring, Elden Ring, Elden Ring, Elden Ring, Nibel."

While others squabble over what content creation, Ludwig seems to have backed Nibellion for the win over himself. "It's his time," Ludwig says in response to QTCinderella on Twitter, sharing Nibel's iconic profile picture.

Not Everyone Is Backing Nibel

Nibel's impact on the gaming world has been indispensable, but some feel that news aggregation and streaming aren't exactly on the same par as content creation.

Among his critics are the likes of Tom Henderson. Henderson wrote, "Although I'm sure we all appreciated Nibel's work, he wasn't a content creator. When you're putting him in the same category as streamers and YouTubers it looks really odd tbh."

Another Nibel naysayer was Escapist's Nick Calandra: "Know what, more I think about it the more I'm annoyed that someone that just aggregated news is up for any kind of content creator of the year award. People even think they're a 'journalist' when all they did was re-share other people's work on a Twitter account."

Whatever happens at the awards, it'll certainly be interesting to see who comes away with the award and if they'll hit the Luddy on stage. If they don't, they're not worthy anyway.

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