Fallout London launch date pushed back by several months, but for good reason

Fallout London launch date pushed back by several months, but for good reason
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Ben Williams


24th Dec 2023 11:36

In development since 2019, the Fallout London mod's launch date has been on the mind of Fallout 4 fans all over. However, they may be saddened to hear the release day has been pushed back ever so slightly.

Developer Team FOLON delivered the news with a massive reveal showing what we'll get in return for the extra wait. 

When is the Fallout London release date?

Fallout London will be launching on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, as revealed in the recently dropped official release date announcement video by Team FOLON below.

At the start of the 13-minute video diving into everything you'll get out of the free mod - from getting to play through 15 London boroughs with new factions and storylines - the developer clarifies its release day is getting pushed back.

"However, due to some unforeseen delays, we have not completed the polish and testing we want to do before release", says Team FOLON. 

"And so, we will be pushing back the release to a few months later than originally planned". 

Take all the time you need, Team FOLON

As a free-to-play, game-sized mod with the plethora of content the release announcement goes into, I'd say waiting an extra few months is more than fine.  

Not only do we not have to fork over any cash to visit a "radioactive playground of London" that's been crafted from the ground up, but we'll get to explore an original map that's "equivalent to the base game commonwealth and Far Harbor DLC combined".

Alongside 121 custom weapons, 514 clothing items, 29 races, 64 foliage items, 425 London-specific architectural kits, 203 consumables, and 2056 miscellaneous assets - all made from scratch - Fallout London is a fully-voiced game with over 90,000 lines of recorded dialogue - "about one and a half times the size of Fallout: New Vegas or Skyrim".

While that's just shy of Fallout 4's, the developer does touch on the fact the mainline game's protagonist was voiced whilst this mod's player character is silent.

Bundled with the 53 main quests, 35 side quests, 25 faction quests, 64 miscellaneous quests, and 16 gang quests, you'll even be able to recruit seven companions - five of which have their own quests as well.

One of these recruits is even a British bulldog called "Churchill". What more could you want?

With the release date of Amazon's Fallout series dropping at around the same time, along with Fallout 4's PS5 & Xbox Series X update on the way, there's plenty to be excited about right now. 

As for Fallout London though, a fan-made project that's become the most ambitious mod yet that's also absolutely free, this may end up being the best Fallout title in all of 2024. 

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