Fae Farm has gone down in price weeks before release

Fae Farm has gone down in price weeks before release
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Megan Cooke


26th Aug 2023 17:28

Fae Farm is an upcoming cosy farming game that has received a lot of positive attention from fans of the genre since it was announced in September 2022.

Despite this, the high price point has been a cause of contention, as the game's cost rivalled that of some big triple-A titles.

The price of Fae Farm has gone down on PC

PC users will be pleased to know that they will be able to jump into the world of Azoria for less money than originally thought.

Phoenix Labs announced recently that they would be lowering the price of the Fae Farm base game for PC users, adding a deluxe version for those who want extra content.

Anyone who has already pre-ordered the game will receive this deluxe edition, which is priced at £49.99, but anyone who is just looking to step into the world without any extra bells and whistles can do so for just £33.50.

On Twitter, Fae Farm wrote: "We also have some exciting news! We’re expanding our offer on PC with two different editions now available for pre-purchase. You can now pre-purchase the Standard Edition or the Deluxe Edition on both Steam and Epic.

"The Deluxe Edition which includes Fae Farm, the Official Soundtrack and 2 content packs to be released by the end of June 2024. Both pre-purchase offers include the Cozy Cabin Variety Pack.

"Those who pre-order on Nintendo Switch will also be receiving the two content packs to be released by the end of June 2024 at no additional cost!"

The deluxe edition will include the main game, and the official soundtrack and will also receive two content packs which are set to be released at some point between December 2023 and June 2024.

Phoenix Labs has also confirmed on Twitter that all Switch purchases will be of the deluxe edition and will be set at that original price.

The original price received mixed reactions


Fae Farm was originally set at a fairly high price of £49.99, considerably higher than is usual for farming sims of a similar style.

Popular games like Stardew Valley, Coral Island and Dinkum all sit between £10 and £20 which has led to many fans of the genre viewing this as the standard price point.

On the game’s Steam forum, several people were upset at this price, writing: "I wouldn't pay 60 even if the game was made by Blizzard, EA or Bethesda, this can't be sold for this price every other game like this is being sold for 30 or below."

Other comments included "I chuckled when I saw the price" and "For this price, I'll pass."

However, this has led to some interesting conversations about how we view games made by smaller companies and their worth.

Twitter user Lethalgeo wrote: "Complaining about the price of games like Fae Farm- games that are developed by smaller companies is not a vibe. I understand the opinion but if Nintendo can charge £50/$60 for a Mario game why don’t you want to support indie devs and pay a similar price for their game?"

Despite the amount of concern from many social media users about this price, several comments on this Tweet reflected Lethal's point.

"I already have it preordered... I am more than happy to chuck $60 at it and support an indie company!" wrote one user in the comments.

Another said: "If it means that games will be fully fleshed out and worth the developers’ efforts then heck yeah I’m all for it!"

Though the game is more expensive than many in the genre, Phoenix Labs has promised an adorable 3D farming game with lots to do, fun characters to meet and plenty of customisation.

Hopefully, the reduced price, while still up there, will make the game more accessible to those who want to give it a go but were caught off guard by the thought of a £50 farming sim.

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