FACEIT bans player after 79 CS2 games in a row

FACEIT bans player after 79 CS2 games in a row
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Sascha Heinisch


18th Jan 2024 15:05

Some folks appear to need protection from themselves. After a streak of 79 consecutive Counter-Strike 2 games on the matchmaking service FACEIT, the company allegedly temporarily banned a competitor and told him to get a round of shut-eye.

The streak

For what appears to be upwards of 67 hours, former CS:GO pro player Bradley "Slugy" Kohler played a total of 78 consecutive matches before FACEIT pulled the plug on him. 

The player documented the entire journey on his personal stream, making liberal use of the word "today" as the title of his last stream indicates. "Played 57 pugs today so far for 44 hours straight," it read, with the Vod of said stream being another 22.5 hours long. Slugy went 49-29, losing 16 ELO in the process.

Eventually, the journey came to an end when FACEIT temporarily banned his account with the message, "Go to sleep <3." The player wouldn't have it, arguing for his mental acuity in the aftermath.

Slugy just kept going


Slugy didn't exactly take it to heart and filed a support ticket, trying to argue for him to be unbanned. Addressing the customer service professional assigned to him directly on stream, he said: "If you're listening, please unban me because I need to pug on FACEIT. It’s a necessity."

FACEIT remained vigilant and upheld the ban while Slugy streamed for three more hours. He went through various activities, from reaction time tests to type races to even playing regular Premier matchmaking to prove that he was still up to the task.

"24-hour ban from Faceit because I played too many pugs, lmfao. Funniest reason for getting banned in my entire life," he wrote on his Twitter after the conclusion of the saga.

Eventually, the player gave up and went to sleep, later reporting back on social media. Here, Slug said that he "slept for 10 hours and I feel like superman," wishing he could play more FACEIT while his ban was still in place.

Sascha "Yiska" Heinisch is a Senior Esports Journalist at GGRecon. He's been creating content in esports for over 10 years, starting with Warcraft 3.

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