Fable Reboot Apparently in A Playable State

Fable Reboot Apparently in A Playable State
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Joseph Kime


7th Feb 2023 09:48

Fable has been rumoured to be in a horrible way. Last month brought word from leakers and insiders that the development of the upcoming reboot of the Fable franchise was truly struggling.

There were claims that it had entirely restarted its production, similar to Metroid Prime 4. It was a pretty big deal, and the implications of the restart were felt through the franchise's fanbase - when can we expect the game to arrive if it's starting from scratch?

But now, as will come as a delight to some and a mass of sheer confusion for others, it looks like we've got new conflicting evidence.

Fable Has Reportedly Reached A Playable State

Fable Reboot Apparently in A Playable State
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Vijay Gill - LinkedIn

In contradiction of previous claims, new details spotted by fans imply that Fable has reached a state where it's playable. If this is the case, we could see some more details about the final release trickle out sooner than expected.

It has been discovered that the LinkedIn page of Playground Games' producer Vijay Gill lists that his work extends to "preparing and facilitating regular game playthroughs and build reviews with key stakeholders."

Do with this information what you will, but from where we're standing, it seems like you'd need a pretty well-built game to host "regular" game playthroughs.

The implication is that Fable is built strong enough to support a full playthrough, so we might not be too far from completing the game entirely.

What Does This Mean For Leaks Of A Restarted Fable?

Well, simply, it means that the leaks of a restarted Fable are all but quashed. There's simply no way that the game could reach a state that can be played through from start to finish if reports of its restarting were only coming out last month.

Plus, as GamesIndustry.Biz's Christopher Dring was quick to call the rumours for the nonsense they were, we probably should have seen this coming.

So, it looks like our hopes of seeing Fable soon are back in full force. Thank heavens for that, because Xbox has been in dire need of a win.

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