Evil Empire is done with Dead Cells - new projects are coming

Evil Empire is done with Dead Cells - new projects are coming
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Megan Cooke


9th Feb 2024 20:18

The developer of Dead Cells has announced that it is stepping away from the game and stopping updates after five years to work on new projects.

Dead Cells has had plenty of crossovers and DLCs since it was launched in 2018, and fans are sad to see the end of the beloved title.

Dead Cells has been laid to rest

A recent tweet from Dead Cells developer Evil Empire revealed that the game would no longer be updated after five years of service.

The tweet included a farewell statement from the developer, however it also hinted at big things to come.

The statement said: “After nearly 5 years of service, 4 DLCs, 18 updates, some epic crossovers and a mobile release with Playdigious, Evil Empire will no longer be working on Dead Cells.

“We are immensely proud of the work we have put into the game, we loved every

minute and are very thankful to Motion Twin for trusting us and letting us play with

their baby for so long.

“We will really miss working on Dead Cells and in particular we will miss the amazing


“Making new content with you and seeing your reactions to some of our wilder additions has been a blast, even if we weren't always perfect. On that note, we're sorry for any broken controllers caused by the Derelict Distillery.

“The good news is that our Dead Cells team have been unleashed to pump their talent

into our secret projects, and we'll be revealing what their crazy minds have been

coming up with very soon! Meanwhile we of course wish the best for Motion Twin and

godspeed to their new game Windblown!

“5BC completed, time to start a new game (or two)...”

Since it started working on the game, Evil Empire has put out four DLCs, 18 updates, a mobile game, and crossovers with games like Hollow Knight and Castlevania.

It is clear that the talent at Evil Empire will not be wasted however as “a new game (or two)” is reportedly in the works, though nothing else is known about this at the moment.

Fans are sad to see the end of Dead Cells support

Dead Cells fans are sad to see the back of the game, with many sharing their positive experiences in the comments of the tweet.

One player wrote: “This was not the news I was expecting today. I'm saddened by this information, but you guys have made such a great game with so much love and care.”

“What a sad day but thank you for a gem that will still crush people for years to come,” another shared.

Several players thanked Evil Empire for their hard work, stating that the developer and game had made a big impact on their lives.

“When I first discovered dead cells I would have never thought it would come as far as it did,” shared one player. “The journey has left an impression in my life forever. Thank you to everyone who worked on this game.”

Another said: “Thank you for your hard work, Evil Empire! I will miss your updates but I wish everyone the best of luck with the upcoming projects!”

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As Motion Twin has moved on to its new game Windblown and Evil Empire begins looking forward to new projects it seems like it may be the end of an era.

Though it is sad that Dead Cells is no longer being serviced, it will likely continue to go down in gaming history as one of the best roguelike-Metroidvania games out there.

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