You’ve never seen a battle like this!

15:00, 24 Jun 2020

Nintendo has announced its new 5v5 battle game – Pokémon Unite. Described as a “strategic team battle game”, the title will be released for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices (with cross-play support) on a date yet to be confirmed.

The official Pokémon YouTube channel released a snippet of gameplay footage, with the description “you’ve never seen a battle like this!”

Check it out below.

The sneak peek shows some stunning graphic displays for the battles themselves, as well as more footage of the MOBA-like game, which doesn’t look unlike League of Legends.

It seems like a surprising move for Nintendo to combine the world of Pokémon with a multiplayer online battle arena style, but given the developer is Tencent’s TiMi Studios, who work on games such as PUBG: Army Attack and Call of Duty: Mobile, it starts to make a little more sense.

TiMi Studios are a China-based game developer, whose expertise lie in mobile gaming, and Nintendo Switch, making them the perfect partner for Pokémon to break out into the online multiplayer battle world alongside.

Pokémon Unite Esport
A screenshot of the Pokémon Unite battlefield. Image via @Nibellion

The 5v5 multiplayer game is free-to-start and gives players the challenge of levelling up their Pokémon and unlocking new moves as you complete the objective of scoring points in the opponents scoring areas. Pokémon will also evolve, gain new attributes and come with customisable move sets.

There will not be any Type advantages, however, each Pokémon will possess unique attributes allowing for more interesting matchups.

Given the 5v5 nature of the MOBA game and the involvement of Tencent, it looks like Pokémon is about to break into the esports world, and FNATIC were the first to make jokes to that effect.

We’re sure there will be plenty more to explore when it comes to Pokémon Unite, especially its viability as an esport.

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Images via Nintendo

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