Amazon are releasing a brand-new PVP & PVE shooter called 'Crucible'

20:05, 05 May 2020

Amazon Game Studios have announced their new third-person hero shooter Crucible. The game is free to play and launches on the 20th of May for PC only, via Steam.

Reminiscent of Anthem, Destiny and Outer Worlds, and developed by Relentless Studios, Crucible will launch with ten playable characters and three game modes.

Crucible is a sci-fi inspired competitive hero shooter, based around collecting an item called ‘Essence’, which can be used to enhance characters abilities and levelling up power.

There are not only PVP game modes, but also PVE, giving the player the chance to switch up their gameplay at every turn.

Amazon Crucible Game


All three of Crucible’s game modes are inspired by other popular games.

Heart of Hives

Heart of Hives is a PVP V BOSS game mode, which pits two four-player teams against each other, as well as fighting huge and powerful Hive bosses. Each Hive contains a Heart, and the first team to obtain three Hearts wins the match, meaning the gameplay is split between battling the AI, and fighting other players.

Harvester Command

This mode is inspired by Call of Duty and CS:GO, and is basically Domination/Hardpoint. Two teams of eight players capture and hold hardpoints (Harvesters), to control the Essence supply. The first time to deplete their opponents' resources wins.

Alpha Hunters

In a Battle Royale inspired move, the Alpha Hunters mode features eight teams of two, fighting to be the final team standing.

The Vice President of Amazon Games, Christoph Hartmann, said;

“In Crucible, every match is different, and players’ choices really matter. Every opponent, team, and mode poses unique dangers, and no two matches are the same, so players must constantly adapt to everything the world and the other teams throw at them. “

Amazon Crucible Game


Crucible’s characters are called ‘Hunters’, and players must choose a Hunter before queueing for any game mode. There are ten different characters to choose from, each with their own roster of special abilities and weapons, and catering to different playstyles.

Your character starts from scratch every match, with their weapons and abilities as standard, and collect Essence to upgrade both.

Some of the characters have been revealed, such as;

Earl: “An inter-stellar trucker who’s built like a tank and has a gun sized to match.”

Bugg: “A robot botanist whose primary concern is protecting his plants.”

Summer: “A champion fighter and former welder whose flame throwers keep things hot on the battlefield.”


Check out the trailer for Crucible below, where we are introduced to the gameplay, and get a closer look at a few of the Hunters themselves.

Crucible launches on the 20th of May, so be sure to get your Hunters picked and ready, and jump into three unique and epic game modes.


Images via Amazon Game Studios

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