Even regular gamers are suing Microsoft over Activision merger

Even regular gamers are suing Microsoft over Activision merger
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Jack Marsh


22nd Dec 2022 13:41

Yikes, Microsoft might need to pull in the Harvey Spector and Mike Ross Suits duo heading into the new year, as its legal team will be up to its knees in lawsuits.

As the acquisition of Activision continues to throw up hurdles, specifically centring around the exclusivity rights to games like Call of Duty, Microsoft's legal gurus have faced a barrage of investigations.

Now though, it's not just competitors and government bodies filing suits and probes into the multi-billion dollar deal. It appears that the gaming giant's very own players are taking action.

Regular gamers are suing Microsoft

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On behalf of ten regular gamers, the Joseph Saveri Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft by the US District Court for the Northern District of California.

The suit was drafted by opposers to the deal and claims that they "would be adversely affected by reduced competition in the video game industry as a consequence of the Microsoft and Activision merger."

The monopolisation claims come from Microsoft's unwavering stance of someday making Call of Duty exclusive to Xbox, which would force PlayStation players to purchase Microsoft's Xbox. 

Gamers claim Microsoft's Activision Deal will increase game prices

According to the lawyers and gamer-heavy plaintiffs, Microsoft's acquisition of Activision will be adverse for the community as they claim game prices will increase as a result of this competition dispute.

"Competition rather than combination is the rule of trade in the United States so that these Plaintiffs, and the public at large, may enjoy the benefits and innovations that come from competition, including, among others, improved quality and increased choices at the lowest possible prices," the lawsuit reads.

This move comes after the Federal Trade Commission also attempted to sue over the "unfair" deal. Although there are other factors to take into consideration, it's largely Call of Duty that's causing a bitter row between Microsoft and Sony. 

Out of all lawsuits filed against Microsoft, this might not be the most worrying, yet it could be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

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