Epic Games Store is paying you to buy games

Epic Games Store is paying you to buy games
Epic Games

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Jack Marsh


19th May 2023 12:30

With blockbuster game franchises only demanding more money from you, wouldn't it be quite a nice surprise if you could have a little bit back that you can put towards your next venture?

Well, that's the ticket that Epic Games Store is running with, as they have now released a rewards system that does just that.

The Fortnite owners and colossal PC games store distributor has now revealed an "Epic Rewards" programme which gives you money back on all of your purchases, including massive game titles all the way down to minuscule microtransactions.

New 'Epic Rewards' system is giving Epic Games Store users free money

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Whether you're looking at trading your dinner-time Costa Coffee fee for a handful of V-Bucks to put towards a new emote or wanting to splash out record-breaking fees on upcoming titles, Epic Games is now giving back, as they continue to rival Steam.

Epic has now announced that they will be giving back 5% of all sales made through their Store in their new rewards system, with every customer that has an Epic Games Store account being automatically enrolled.

The Epic Rewards will be added to a player's account, where they can then choose to use it as a discount on their next purchase or save them up for a maximum of two years.

Interestingly though, the rewards will take two weeks to land in your account, as you need to have the game long enough to void the refund policy to be eligible for your free money.

Epic Games Store rivals Steam with a new rewards system

This Epic Games Store announcement coincidentally comes in the same week as the other main PC games distributor has also revealed an enticing new prospect.

Steam's new 90-minute free trials project has just kicked off with the Dead Space remake, which pulls players in to play the titles before finally placing an order on their platform.

The Epic Games Store has been playing catch-up for years after its somewhat controversial start to life, but this rewards system is just one of many recently-added features that makes it a viable option to buy games from alongside Steam. 

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