Epic Games Store Is Finally Rolling Out 'Early Version' Achievements

Epic Games Store Is Finally Rolling Out 'Early Version' Achievements
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Tom Chapman


30th Jul 2020 12:53

While Epic Games has been working toward implementing achievements, players claim the feature is slowly being introduced to games already. Even though the Epic Games Store boasts some pretty impressive titles, there have been criticisms that it sometimes doesn't match up to its biggest rivals.

Achievement pop ups have become standard for most companies, meaning Epic is lagging behind in some stakes. Although achievements haven't appeared yet in the likes of Fortnite, gamers have reported seeing them in Ark: Survival Evolved.

The official Epic Games Twitter confirmed the news and promised "more info to share on achievements in the future". It's been a big year for the Epic Games Store as features including wishlists, download throttling, and a wider currency support have all become a reality. Still achievements have been asked for since day dot, meaning we're edging closer.

A wider achievements rollout is expected, however, it's unclear whether you'll be credited with previously unlocked achievements or it will just be new ones. The news went down well with most, who thanked Epic Games for finally making up some ground toward Steam's domination. 

Epic Store Achievements
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Back in April, Epic was working on mod integration, while there's a whole host of other features in the pipeline. Achievements might not be everyone's top priority, but they're still a fun quirk. There's a sense of pride when you get a little notification you've done something worth mentioning. In particular Marvel's Spider-Man noted when you'd done some sort of ridiculous stunt, and it's easy to imagine how this would look in Fortnite.

It's no surprise the Epic Games Store is so popular, especially considering it's the only way to play Fortnite on PC. Only last month, Epic announced it had peaked at 61 million monthly users. The final version of Epic's feature support is still a way off, so players will have to keep their eyes peeled to see how it evolves.

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