Epic has already disabled Stark robots in Fortnite Season Four

Epic has already disabled Stark robots in Fortnite Season Four
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Tom Chapman


28th Aug 2020 08:33

As the highly anticipated Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 4 hits the ground running, the supersized Marvel crossover looks like it's the biggest season yet. Just as fans started getting to used to what's new in Fortnite - and trying on a wardrobe of Marvel skins - the developers have already made a change. Trying to iron out the kinks, the new addition of Stark Robots have already been disabled.

With a whole host of Avengers-themed content, things kicked off when Thor's famous hammer crash-landed in the map. Since then, a digital Fortnite comic has explained why these heroes and villains have come to this colourful world to try and stop the world-devouring Galactus.

While Epic has a pretty good track record of giving us unique stories for each season, you'd be forgiven for thinking this one has been pulled directly from the mind of Stan Lee himself. 

Stark Robots gone from Fortnite Season Four

Stark Robots were another newcomer to Season 4 as a different type of enemy. When defeated, they dropped the Stark Industries Energy Rifle.

Their appearance was randomised every match, meaning you couldn't track them down to a specific area like you can with Doctor Doom in Doom's Domain. Posting on Twitter, the Fortnite Status account confirmed Stark Robots have been disabled - for now. 

Although Epic didn't explain what the problem is, it promised to try and get a fix out as soon as possible. Looking at the tweet, players seemed to suggest Stark Robots were broken for wins, meaning some people were getting an unfair advantage by exploiting them.

The Stark Robots work(ed) in a similar way to Henchmen, and opened fire when you come across them, but were relatively easy to down.

Stark robots in Fortnite
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Stark Robots came alongside the iconic Quinjet that you might recognise from the movies and the comics. A formation of Quinjets can be seen flanking the bus at the start of the match, before peeling off and landing at different sites around the map.

Like Stark Robots, you never know where the Quinjets will land. With Tony Stark/Iron Man being such a central figure in Marvel, it's no surprise he's getting so much attention in Season 4.

Alongside the new season came a new crop of challenges to compete. It's annoying that one of these was "Eliminate Stark Robots at Quinjet Patrol landing sites", meaning players are left sitting this one out for now.

Sadly, this means you'll also have to find a new weapon of choice if you wanted to make the most of the Stark Industries Energy Rifle. In the meantime, there are still plety of Week 1 challenges you can sink your Wolverine claws into.

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