Elden Ring's LEGO Walking Mausoleum Is Fit For An Elden Lord

Elden Ring's LEGO Walking Mausoleum Is Fit For An Elden Lord
FromSoftware | Reddit - HoboSapient

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Joseph Kime


9th Aug 2022 13:01

Elden Ring is a pretty whopping game, and yet, some fans are long finished with the world of the Lands Between. It sounds wild, but some FromSoftware fans have finally ticked through everything that the game has to offer, meaning Elden Ring has become a game for the rear-view mirror.

Even though it's truly fascinating to see players leave it behind when there's so much to do and discover, it's a new reality as some fans have finally beaten every game in the developer's arsenal. Seemingly in response, players are bringing the game to life in the medium of LEGO. 

Fan Reveals Their Homemade LEGO Walking Mausoleum

One Elden Ring fan has proved they're truly dedicated to the fantasy epic by bringing one of its most awe-inspiring locales to the real world via a stonking LEGO build.

The LEGO Walking Mausoleum was shared on the Elden Ring subreddit by user HoboSapient - who has somehow managed to build the entire creature standing on its chunky legs. Best yet, it's complete with growing vines and a dead tree aside it.

Its creator has revealed that the huge build actually weighs 30 pounds, which is a similar weight to the bigger LEGO sets, like the huge Millenium Falcon. The internal structure was built with "lots of Technic" according to HoboSapient, as it'd take a hell of a lot of internal power to keep the impressive build standing. But, that's not all that LEGO fans have to offer Tarnished.


Fan Creates The Lands Between In Lego

It doesn't end with just the Walking Mausoleum, as someone else has recreated the entire map of The Lands Between, from a top-down perspective, in LEGO. The teeny-tiny build shows off the outline of the entire world of the game and really puts the whole game into perspective. Maybe it's not as daunting as we initially thought.

Of course, these are just fan builds and not an official set from LEGO itself. We'll have to wait and see whether the Danish giant gives us an Elden Ring set, but given its adult themes, we doubt it. LEGO seems to be a great way for fans to interpret the builds and beasts of Elden Ring. We'd ask for the Erdtree next, but we're not sure there are enough lego bricks in the world for it.

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