Elden Ring surprise ray-tracing patch is here - but you may not be able to run it

Elden Ring surprise ray-tracing patch is here - but you may not be able to run it
Images: FromSoftware

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Joseph Kime


23rd Mar 2023 10:06

Elden Ring fans have got what they wanted in the form of a newly announced DLC pack - but it's only made them more impatient.

Knowing that Shadow of the Erdtree is coming is a massive deal, and it has catapulted hype for the game back into the stratosphere.

And now, to add onto the existing hype, there's a new update that's set to make the game look even better.

But it might not work.

Elden Ring launches surprise ray-tracing update

A brand new update has leapt out of the blue and has come to Elden Ring, and while FromSoftware hasn't offered any kind of update as to what the update contains for regular players, it secretly harbours the game's long-awaited ray-tracing.

The new update is set to make The Lands Between look even better (as though it could), and will give players access to better lighting effects to make the sun pouring through the trees a truly ethereal experience. The update comes to just over 7 GB for console players, but for many, it'll be worth it.

But there could be problems in store for PC players.

Elden Ring's ray-tracing is breaking our games

With all of our excitement for the update here at camp GGRecon, we wanted to dive straight into the new update - but our PC rig (with a 3060 ti graphics card) experienced some massive crashes and freezes when attempting to fast travel, or even so much as walk around The Lands Between.

The problem has persisted until ray tracing has been switched off, so thankfully it doesn't look like it's bricking games just yet but be safe when switching the new mode on. Here's hoping it isn't widespread - because this could be a huge problem for FromSoftware.

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