Elden Ring Slashes Its Price For The First Time Ever

Elden Ring Slashes Its Price For The First Time Ever
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Joseph Kime


23rd Dec 2022 10:18

Elden Ring has been sitting firmly on top this year. On top of FromSoftware's sales numbers, on top of review aggregation sites, on top of players' game of the year lists - it's going from win to win, and it's hard to ignore why.

The fantasy romp across The Lands Between is (by a wide margin) the most freeing and adventurous game that FromSoft has ever created, and it has truly struck a chord with players who have loved dancing across its broad and exciting world, filled to bursting with baddies.

Elden Ring is an impressive benchmark of game development - which makes it perfectly fair that the game hasn't decreased in price since it launched earlier this year. That is, until now.

Elden Ring Has Finally Dropped Its Price

Elden Ring Slashes Its Price For The First Time Ever
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For the first time since it debuted in February, we've finally seen the first-ever instance of Elden Ring having its price reduced in a sale.

The sale in question is the Steam Winter Sale, a sale with a history of boasting some pretty bonkers deals - and now it has a cheaper version of the universal game of the year.

The game is reduced by 30%, bringing it down to $42/£35, and even though it's not the most drastic sale we've ever seen, you're likely to be hard-pressed to find it any cheaper any time soon.

Plus, alongside the standard edition is the digital deluxe version of the game, which comes with a digital artbook and soundtrack. It comes in at $55/£46, so if you're gunning for the premium experience, Steam has you covered.

But don't worry, because the deal isn't dedicated only to PC.

PlayStation Has An Elden Ring Sale

In the bizarrely titled January Sale (you silly billies, it's December! What are you like, eh?), you can also buy Elden Ring and its deluxe edition for $42/£35 and $55/£46, respectively.

Thankfully, it looks as though this fantasy favourite is getting reduced pretty much across the board. Even though it's been some time since the game came out, it's worth every penny - even at full price. If you're nervous, don't panic, Elden Ring is a serious investment, given the hours you're bound to pour into it. Trust us.

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