Elden Ring running on the Nintendo 3DS could be the weirdest port yet

Elden Ring running on the Nintendo 3DS could be the weirdest port yet
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Megan Cooke


6th Jan 2024 19:34

An Elden Ring fan has somehow managed to get the action RPG running on their Nintendo 3DS.

While the general consensus is that it is very cool to see Elden Ring running on the Nintendo handheld, several people were left puzzled by the post.

A Reddit user has managed to get Elden Ring running on the Nintendo 3DS

Reddit user F*ckriotgames7 shared a post on the Elden Ring subreddit which took a lot of players by surprise.

“Does anyone know why Morgott was frozen here?” the poster asked alongside a video of them playing Elden Ring on a 3DS.

The footage appears to be of the fight against Morgott the Omen King outside of the Erd Tree, which suggests they got a decent way into the game.

While the video definitely seems a bit jumpy, the Redditor stated that the game runs at 24fps on the 3DS, noting that it is “perfectly playable, just not ideal.”

Many gamers were surprised to see Elden Ring on the 3DS

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Naturally, seeing games running on consoles considerably older than the machines they were made to run on is always surprising, and Elden Ring on the 3DS is perhaps one of the most unusual ports to date.

“What sort of cursed sorcery is this?” asked one puzzled Reddit user.

Another said: “Bro it's not even 6am where I'm at, wtf am I looking at lmao?”

Several other players also expressed confusion, asking how it was possible and wanting to know what steps to take to replicate this themselves.

After noticing the confusion in the comments, a separate Redditor, u/Known-Pop-8355, explained: “For those wondering. This is a modded 3DS with custom firmware on the SD Card. They're using some kind of custom remote viewer app or pc link app on the 3DS”

This was confirmed by the original poster who explained that they were using software called Pinbox, a homebrew application which allows players to stream from their PC to the 3DS.

Given that Elden Ring isn’t even available on the Nintendo Switch, this is definitely an impressive way to play and really shows that if you want it badly enough, there is always a way to play your favourite games.

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