Elden Ring fans brace for a possible DLC reveal

Elden Ring fans brace for a possible DLC reveal
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Joseph Kime


30th Nov 2023 12:50

We've been standing in the shadow of the Shadow of the Erdtree for some time now, and we're just about ready to step out and praise the sun. The reveal that Elden Ring would be getting some DLC was incredible, and reassured players that rolling the credits on the fantasy epic wouldn't spell its end.

In the meantime, we've had to wait. Fans are expecting the first proper Elden Ring DLC (we don't count Colosseum) to touch down in the new year at this point, and it wouldn't come as a shock. Now, new hints mean those same fans are expecting an Elden Ring DLC reveal to come before 2023 is out.

Fans pick up hints that Elden Ring news could be coming

As first pointed out on Twitter and shared to the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, some fans are clearly starting to go a little stir-crazy waiting for news about Shadow of the Erdtree, and they've started to dig around in the code of Elden Ring's associated sites. Maddening, yes - but it seems to have yielded some results.

Wannabe Tarnished have dug around and found some shifts in Elden Ring's SteamDB page, showing that it has been updated a few times in the last couple of weeks. It indicates to some that a change within the game itself is coming soon. It's one hell of a reach, but it could be one that gives us answers.

Fans are expecting Elden Ring DLC's reveal at The Game Awards

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Fans in the Reddit thread's comments have concluded that this could point towards a specific time when we'll learn more about Shadow of the Erdtree - specifically December 7's The Game Awards." I mean, I would be shocked if it wasn’t at The Game Awards with a spring release," says one comment.

"It's probably coming out in Feb 2024," says another. "Trailer at TGA. Just seems like the most likely scenario." The gaming extravaganza is the last stop saloon for big gaming announcements in 2023, and while a rumours GTA 6 reveal is likely to be the big one, we'll still take one for Shadow of the Erdtree.

All eyes are on The Game Awards, and with so many tuning in, there couldn't be a better time to give us a glimpse at Shadow of the Erdtree and get those pre-orders rolling in for 2024. Elden Ring fans reckon they've got the details of the DLC locked down, and chances are, they have. We're just going to have to wait and see.

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