Elden Ring Boss Has Been Nerfed For Being Too Hard

Elden Ring Boss Has Been Nerfed For Being Too Hard
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Joseph Kime


14th Feb 2022 11:06

We've known for some time that FromSoftware relish punishing their fans.

The Dark Souls franchise is notorious for its brutal difficulty, and it looks like their new fantasy adventure, Elden Ring, could be following suit. There's word that the difficulty has come down a little bit in order to make the expansive title a little more accessible to the general audience, and frankly, that's a good idea - the game is immensely ambitious, and getting as many people involved as possible could help to make it the defining title of the current console generation.

And, in keeping with this difficulty nerfing, one boss has been made a little easier.

Elden Ring Boss Gets Nerfed

Elden Ring Boss Has Been Nerfed For Being Too Hard
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Since Elden Ring's network test that let a limited number of fans take the game for a spin early, the boss that capped the experience off has officially been taken down a peg to make the game a little easier for players.

In an interview with GamerBraves, the news was confirmed by producer Yasuhiro Kitao, suggesting that Margit the Fell Omen isn't suddenly insanely easy, but that the team had decided he needed to be a simpler battle, especially as he appears so early in the game.

"Margit was just too hard for the network test, we believe," he said. "He was just a little bit tweaked on the high end, so he does need some balancing for that early point in the game."

But that's not all that's set to change from the game's network test.

Elden Ring's UI Is Getting A Tweak

Elden Ring Boss Has Been Nerfed For Being Too Hard
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Kitao also confirmed that the user interface of Elden Ring is going to be seeing some changes from what was shown to players during the game's network test.

"If we had to say one thing in particular, it'd be about the HUD and the gauge design," says Kitao. "We dd plan yo make adjustments to these areas but, of course, after seeing feedback from the network test, it was clear that the current designs were far too simple and far too basic. We needed something that would match better with the world and the setting and something that would be more appealing to the eye so we're very grateful for this feedback from the players."


It's nice to see that FromSoftware is making some changes to their game according to fan feedback, as it clearly shows that they're aiming to make this game their most adored yet. And frankly, it looks like they're already on track for it.


Joseph Kime
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