eFootball 2024's v3.2 update throws exciting new features into the mixer

eFootball 2024's v3.2 update throws exciting new features into the mixer
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Harry Boulton


7th Dec 2023 11:12

We had the chance to check out a hands-off preview of eFootball 2024's new v3.2 update ahead of its release, and there is an abundance of exciting new features and content additions that players won't want to miss.

From an entirely new game mode to enhancements for existing and well-loved features, update v3.2 looks to be one of the biggest yet since the game made the switch to a free-to-play model.

Dream Team takes the League

By far the biggest feature arriving in the v3.2 update is an entirely new game mode called My League. This lets players take their Dream Team that they have put their heart and soul into and thrust it into any of the world's top leagues and compete across an entire season.

Your skills will be truly put to the test across a 36 to 38-game season, and you'll be faced with the challenge of a big team every five matches to truly show that your squad deserves the dream team moniker.

Image of the new My League game mode in eFootball 2024
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You will take the place of a team of your choosing in the league, and be able to loan players from them too. Fancy trying out Rafael Leão on the wing or Fikayo Tomori in defence? Then AC Milan will be the team for you to replace, as that'll let you slide them into your starting line-up.

There are very few limitations too, as you'll not only be able to play through as many seasons as you want but you'll also be able to jump between leagues to really prove that you're the champions of the world.

New cutscenes and unique weather interactions will be available for players to discover within the mode, and KONAMI has confirmed to GGRecon that players can also unlock unique rewards to use within Dream Team that are only accessible through the My League game mode.

Bringing the boost

If you're finding the My League challenge a little too tough though, you will want to keep an eye out for the new Booster Cards that are now available in the new update.

This new type of Booster specifically relates to the number of players that fit a specific condition within your current Game Plan. For example, if the Booster's condition ties to a certain league, the more players you have from that league in your Game Plan, the more the Boosted player's stats are enhanced.

This can cause you to create some really intriguing Game Plans, and mix teams up a fair amount while giving you the enhancements you need to succeed. 

Enhancements to eFootball League & Co-op

Key art for Co-op in eFootball 2024
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Co-op and eFootball League are two of the most popular ways to play in eFootball 2024, and both are on the receiving end of exciting quality-of-life enhancements that will only improve the overall experience.

The big new feature for Co-op is the ability to pair up with randoms instead of having to find your own teammates. Relying on your friends to always be online when you want to play cooperatively isn't always ideal, so if you're ready to jump in but your squadmates aren't, then you can now thankfully cast your net into the world to find randoms to play with instead. 

You might think that this causes a barrier of communication, but the addition of emojis now gives you a simple and easy way to communicate the overwhelming thrill of a great goal or the shock of a mistake to your teammates.

When it comes to eFootball League though, players can now be thankful that matchmaking has been separated into four distinct groups across the ten available levels, giving you a much greater chance of an evenly matched game when playing.

There's nothing worse than going against someone who is so clearly better than you, and while the novelty might be nice for a while, dominating so much in a game can get quite frustrating too. This will hopefully give you consistency in your games because the only way you're going to get better is to play people around your skill level as you climb the ranks.

You can also take advantage of the new Blitz Curler skill type to surprise your opponents, as this will result in sharp, more controlled shots that have the potential to surge in with power. The opposition will definitely be taken aback when you whip this skill out, so make sure to use it to climb the ranks and win more games.

New rewards every day

Image of the daily mini-games table in eFootball 2024
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One huge feature on the horizon that might perhaps be the most exciting of all is the introduction of daily rewards with the new log-in minigame. Daily log-in boosts are certainly nothing new - especially within the live service space - but eFootball is adding a little extra challenge to things, letting you improve your skills as you pick up in-game rewards.

The first time you log in every day you will be presented with a penalty kick scenario, and if you manage to find the back of the net you'll move through a path for each month. Along this path are prizes like GP and eFootball Points, but there's one incredibly exciting reward at the end - giving items like Big Time cards for anyone who manages to score on every single day of the month.

This is a fantastic way to incentivise daily activity, as it's not just the boring fare of simply logging in for your rewards. Very few players will turn down the extra twist of challenge, and I always love testing my resolve with a classic penalty kick.

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