EA Blames Halo Infinite For Battlefield 2042's Failure

EA Blames Halo Infinite For Battlefield 2042's Failure
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Joseph Kime


16th Feb 2022 10:11

Battlefield 2042's life cycle has been uncomfortable viewing. Watching the game unfurl from an FPS title with unlimited potential to a crumpled sack of twitching mechanical parts has been painful to watch, and EA isn't particularly happy about it.

The game is yet to reveal its sales numbers, something that has been long expected and done long in advance by the game's FPS peers, giving credence to the idea that the game's failure has been so monumental that everyone attached is seriously embarrassed. It's sad, really, but it's something we'll have to reconcile with.

Speaking of embarrassments, though, EA has acknowledged the game's many failures - and has lashed out on a different game rather than address their own faults.

EA Blames Halo For Battlefield 2042's Losses

EA Blames Halo Infinite For Battlefield 2042's Failure
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According to leaker Tom Henderson, in an article for Xfire, the team at EA are saddling some of the blame for Battlefield 2042's fiscal failures on Halo Infinite.

Halo's recent multiplayer launch took a lot of players by surprise, and apparently EA were among the masses who didn't see it coming. As it turns out, EA's Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele has suggested that despite the game's supposed stable launch while "the early critical reception was good", it was Halo Infinite's multiplayer drop that turned the tide.

Supposedly, the comparison between the games was unfair as Halo was polished, and Battlefield wasn't with its bugs and glitches. Hm.

Is Halo Infinite Really To Blame For Battlefield's Failure?

EA Blames Halo Infinite For Battlefield 2042's Failure
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343 Industries

All things considered, if this was truly said by Miele, it's an embarrassing turn for the company.

The fault of a game's lack of sales can often be attributed to launch around other similar games - after all, Titanfall 2 struggled to sell copies after being squeezed between a new Call of Duty and Battlefield game - but when Battlefield 2042 is in such a sorry state, launching with so few fundamental features, it's hard to shift the blame elsewhere.

Many of the reasons that the latest Battlefield suffered falls exclusively to the teams at EA and DICE, and going so far as to outright blame others for losses is a little childish.

It's sad to see such a leader in the industry resort to hitting out at its peers, but then again, what can we expect of EA? They've been named as one of the worst companies in the world in numerous polls, and if this lashing out continues, that's a fact that's not likely to change.


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