Dr Disrespect Calls Warzone 2 The 'Worst Call of Duty' Ever

Dr Disrespect Calls Warzone 2 The 'Worst Call of Duty' Ever
Infinity Ward | Steel Bourbon

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Jack Marsh


13th Jan 2023 16:17

Very few things please Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm anymore, except sipping his newly-launched Steel Bourbon whisky and fending off haters who criticise the pre-released footage and illiterate titling of his upcoming game, Deadrop.

He's fallen out of love with Call of Duty - the franchise with which he used to work on and with - and it appears his tether is at the end of the line.

After months of criticising the legacy of the original Warzone, Dr Disrespect has already taken up arms against the sequel and now branded it as the "worst Call of Duty" ever.

Dr Disrespect Claims Warzone 2 Is The 'Worst Call of Duty' Ever

After being eliminated by a classic Riot Shield user, the Doc's rage began to boil over, and he instantly took a swing at the longevity of the game.

"We're in a state where this game’s shelf life is not much longer, let's just all be real with each other. I know there's a lot of hardcore Call of Duty guys, me including, but let's all be realistic about it – this game is the worst Call of Duty ever," he said on stream.

The Doc has been an advocate of Call of Duty for an eternity now, having once been a developer for Sledgehammer Games on Advanced Warfare.

Dr Disrespect Slams Warzone Devs For Lack Of Post-Launch Content

At the basis of Doc's rant is the fact that Warzone 2 has now been out for two months, and the game has had little-to-no post-launch updates, bar a few major glitch hotfixes.

"From what I've seen in terms of post-launch support, what the f**k, what are we doing? This is literally the worst Call of Duty in the history of the franchise in my opinion. I don't give a f**k about sales, none of that."

Doc's rants do echo many other content creators' woes, albeit with the typical hyperbole of the moustached menace, with others also fearing for Warzone 2's life, considering there have been few ways to make the game exciting in its current state.

The "worst Call of Duty ever" is bold though, considering we've had Infinite Warfare and we weren't exactly kind to Vanguard when it hit the trenches in 2021. 

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