Dr Disrespect Believes Devs Tailored Warzone 2 Towards 'Brainless Gamers'

Dr Disrespect Believes Devs Tailored Warzone 2 Towards 'Brainless Gamers'
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Jack Marsh


5th Jan 2023 11:05

The Doc isn't having fun in gaming at the moment. The two-time blockbuster gamer of the year self-professes that he's the best in the business when it comes to FPS shooters, but Warzone is proving to be a thorn in his side.

Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm has had his Call of Duty relationship tried and tested over the last few months, having fallen out of love with the orignal Warzone and being snubbed from appearing at the Call of Duty: Next promotional event.

To top it off, Dr Disrespect has now found Warzone 2 isn't for him. This has been one of his more outspoken gripes recently, and he's now claimed that Warzone 2 is designed specifically for "brainless gamers."

DrDisrespect Mindblown At Warzone 2's 'Brainless Gamers'

Taking issue with the TTK and limited counter-time in Warzone 2, Doc readied his mouth for another barrage of insults at the game in a recent stream.

After being eliminated in 50th place alongside his teammate Zack "ZLaner" Lane, Doc claimed that the high TTK rates only benefit the lower-skilled players to help bridge the gap.

"It's crazy how they allow brainless gamers to win fights in this game," Doc said. "It blows my f**king mind."

DrDisrespect Calls Out Warzone Devs For Reducing Skill Gap In Warzone 2

He then took up arms against the developers directly, questioning their desire to tailor it towards these lesser-skilled players.

"That's just so horrible, allowing anybody to beat a really good player. What a stupid concept," he added. "I wouldn’t want to be a part of the development of that game, you know? I wouldn't want to do that."

Continuing to call out infinity Ward's ever-popular battle royale, Beahm concluded, "I'd be like, 'Man, I'm trying to build a f**king skill gap. Not randomize damage.

With his Midnight Society title DEADROP in development, and already being criticised for not looking up to the standards that Dr Disrespect has bragged about, one thing is for certain: the best will be rewarded for their skill, or else he's opening himself up to a world of backlash.

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