It's like running to hell and back

15:12, 28 Jul 2020

Hell hath no fury like a speedrunner scorned as the Doom Eternal speedrun record has been well and truly trounced. With speedrunning Bethesda's game being on the rise since Doom Eternal released earlier this year, Break The Record: LIVE cashed in on the hype and crowned Xiae as the game's new champ. 

Better yet, the American smashed the previous record by a whole 48 seconds. While that might not seem like much to casual gamers, speedrunners will know that even a fraction of a second makes all the different. For Xiae to snatch the record with 48 seconds to spare, it's no wonder he looked so happy with his run.

According to Dexerto, Break The Record: LIVE gathered seven speedrunners and pitted them against each other in a gruelling seven-hour battle of the buttons. Although Xiae wasn't alone in setting a personal best, he was streaks ahead of his competitors with a near-perfect run. It was a who's who of speedrunning fanatics, however, Xiae's time of 1 hour, 8 minutes and 52 seconds knocked out his competitors.

Xiae took the top prize of $3,250 prize, while Bowsr earned second with $2,000, and Bloodshot got $1,000. After claiming the crown, Xiae said, "I ran with Kaspersky Gaming Mode on and I broke the world record, it was perfect. It was a cool event. I'm not going to lie, at the very end, I thought Bowsr was going to clinch it and he was close."

Doom Eternal Speedrun Record

The Doom Eternal speedrun record was a venture by The ESA and Beta Alliance - the creative agency behind Kaspersky. Xiae's run was completed with Kaspersky Internet Security installed and Gaming Mode turned on. The idea is running limiting computer resources and blocking pop-ups that could potentially ruin gameplay. 

Viewing peaked at 10,000 concurrent views, and just like previous ESA events, Break the Record: LIVE will donate proceeds to Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation, Alzheimerfonden,

Images via Bethesda

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