Don’t believe the latest leak about Insomniac’s Wolverine

Don’t believe the latest leak about Insomniac’s Wolverine
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13th Nov 2023 11:00

The latest rumours about Insomniac's Wolverine game are giving us 'claws' for thought, as someone apparently close to the game has accidentally leaked that it could be heading for a 2024 release date. The problem is, we've been burned before.

Getting a surprise announcement in 2021, Wolverine is the latest in Insomniac's ever-expanding universe of Marvel games. Aside from a cinematic trailer, there's been little in terms of updates, apart from the fact it will share continuity with the studio's Spider-Man games.

Wolverine leak hints at 2024 launch

Insomniac hasn't been forthcoming on a Wolverine release date, leaving internet sleuths to dig. As shared by, the ArtStation account for artist Hung Nguy points to a 2024 launch window for Wolverine. There are no further details, meaning the superhero spectacular could launch anytime in that period.

Interestingly, Nguy has since removed Wolverine from his list of productions, throwing more fuel on the fire that this could be the real deal. Going against the idea of Wolverine coming in 2024, it's entirely possible the original listing was a mistake or a generic placeholder.

On the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, fans were split on whether Nguy accidentally beat Insomniac to its own announcement. One gamer mused, "Insomniac have put out 4 PS5 titles since its release 3 years ago. I buy it." Another added, "2024 could mean November/December, so it's plausible. *shrug*."

Critics were unsure, with someone else saying, "It's usually just the artists guessing when the games will come out, so they can display it on their resume." Someone concluded, "Can we stop putting stock in ArtStation stuff, it’s never based on anything legit even if it ends up being true."

Get ready for Wolverine

Insomniac's Wolverine bar scene
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When Marvel's Spider-Man released in 2018, it broke the mould for more than just Spidey games. With a dash of Rocksteady's beloved Arkham games and a cheerier tone, Spider-Man became the best-selling PS4 game ever. There's been equally high praise for 2020's Miles Morales and 2023's Spider-Man 2.

For those who want something a bit bloodier, it looks like Wolverine is touting a brutal M for Mature rating. Despite sitting in the same universe as Spider-Man, it sounds like Logan's adamantium claws will soon be dripping with the red stuff. 

Insomniac Senior Cinematic Animator Tommy Mann recently confirmed he's focusing on Wolverine, meaning production has kicked things up a notch. Insomniac has been on fire recently when it comes to pumping out titles, but will we see Wolvie squeezing into his spandex in 2024? We'll keep our claws crossed.

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