Donkey Kong's Ass Is The 'Biggest' Talking Point Of The Mario Trailer

Donkey Kong's Ass Is The 'Biggest' Talking Point Of The Mario Trailer
Images via Nintendo | Illumination

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Tom Chapman


30th Nov 2022 10:50

There's a lot to talk about in the latest trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and whether it's secret cameos or Chris Pratt's accent, did anyone expect Donkey Kong's ass to be the (literally) biggest talking point?

While the main cast is made up of Pratt's portly plumber, Charlie Day's Luigi, Anya Taylor-Joy's Peach, and Jack Black's Bowser, we know it's an all-star lineup that also includes Seth Rogen, Keegan-Michael Key, and some "surprise" cameos from Charles Martinet. 

Why Is Donkey Kong's Ass So Big?



As Shigeru Miyamoto hyped The Super Mario Bros. Movie, he introduced us to the redesigned version of DK. This 3D model is more animated and definitely fits Rogen's personality, but how long until he'll be chuckling "hu-hu-hu-hu"?

In the actual trailer, we saw Mario taking on Donkey Kong in a scene that's reminiscent of Thor versus Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok. The grumpy gorilla makes short work of Mario, but that's not what grabbed everyone's attention. 

Over on Twitter, fans spotted how Illumination has seriously buffed DK's backside. Sporting a beefy (Princess) peach of his won, this is the thiccest DK we've seen. If you've seen a gorilla in real life, you'll know they're packing in the posterior, but this is something else. 

Fans React To Donkey Kong's Ass



Joking about how Mario's ass was seemingly nerfed in the first reveal, one fan said, "They had a limited ass budget and wanted to save it all for Donkey Kong." Another added, "DK do got that Dumptruck!"

Knowing how these things usually go though, one fan feared, "Just watch now it'll be gone in post." Looking at how Disney edited out Namor's package in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever it wouldn't be that surprising.

This wasn't the only DK reveal though, as it looks like the trailer was hiding some major names in plain sight. As well as confirmation that Yoshi will be part of the ensemble, the climactic Mario Kart scene snuck in the fan-favourite Funky Kong. 

There are reports that Illumination is already planning a Donkey Kong spin-off as part of the Mario Cinematic Universe, and now that we've got confirmation of DK, Kranky Kong, and Funky, how much longer until we cast Maisie Williams as Dixie or someone oversexualises Candy Kong?

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