Disney tipped to expand the MCU with a new video game

Disney tipped to expand the MCU with a new video game
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20th May 2024 10:09

When it comes to the world's highest-grossing franchise, it's a surprise that we've not seen more video games based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Too often, we've seen the MCU trotted out for lacklustre rehashings of movies like Iron Man 2 and Thor: The Dark World or cheap mobile games.

We've seen a recent resurgence in Marvel video games, and with Insomniac's Spider-Man games leading the way, we've got upcoming outings, including EA Motive's Iron Man, Skydance New Media's Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra, and Cliffhanger Games' Black Panther project. Still, all of these are telling their own story away from the MCU.

New MCU video game reportedly on the way

The MCU is yet to see the same success in pixel form as it has on the small and silver screen. Amidst complaints that franchise fatigue is bogging down this cinematic universe, could a video game be the revitalising spark the MCU needs right now? 

Over on X (formerly Twitter), Cosmic Circus' Alex Perez claims an MCU-adjacent video game is on the way. Perez says the project was already known about, but this is the first we've heard of it. There's apparently a new plan for the MCU to deviate from the current slump it's in, and if that involves video games, we're all for it.

When the news appeared on the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, the jury was out on whether this is the jolt we need or whether we'll have another live service debacle like The Avengers. One fan wrote, "It's absolutely 0 chance they skip $$$ with skins and a live service. This ain't just the guardians of the Galaxy. You have unlimited potential in selling skins."

Someone else wrote, "It's honestly wild it took them this long. They had the entire moviegoing population wrapped around their little finger for the best part of a decade and could’ve easily capitalised on it." A third added, "I feel like paying for a $70 game to understand one aspect of the MCU's plot is gonna go over as well as having several TV shows you need to watch in preparation for one movie."

It's about time the MCU entered the video game world

Avengers Endgame portal scene with Captain America
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As we previously said, it's not like we haven't had MCU games before, however, most have been official tie-in games rather than telling their own story. 2011's Captain America: Super Soldier tried this but debuted to middling scores, so it's not like this mystery project could do any worse. 

It's true that the idea of having to play a video game just to understand who's who in something like Secret Wars will likely rub people up the wrong way, but done right, an MCU game could live up to those AAAA credentials the likes of Ubisoft keep banging on about. We'll keep our ears close to the ground, but either way, consider us stoked to suit up in spandex for a 'proper' MCU video game. 

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