Destiny 2 player gets solo flawless Vault of Glass clear, nine years after Raid launched

Destiny 2 player gets solo flawless Vault of Glass clear, nine years after Raid launched

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Lloyd Coombes


3rd Nov 2023 14:46

Destiny 2 is a unique title, walking the line between a first-person shooter and a more MMO-like experience.

A big part of the game's allure is its Raids - combat and puzzle-heavy gauntlets that are designed for six players, but offer the game's best loot.

The first of the franchise's raids, the Vault of Glass, is legendary for its mechanics and climactic encounter with Atheon, and while it's widely regarded as the game's most iconic raid, it hadn't seen a "solo flawless" run since it made its debut in 2014 - until now.

The SnazzzyRock beats Vault of Glass raid solo, without dying

For the uninitiated, a solo flawless completion of any Destiny content involves working through the Raid, Dungeon, or Nightfall alone, and without dying.

Raids are the pinnacle of this since they're geared toward having a team of six players, and despite its position as a nine-year-old Raid, Vault of Glass has never fallen to a single Guardian who hasn't died once before.

Destiny streamer The SnazzzyRock has built a reputation on making tough content look easy, but when streaming on Twitch, he managed to blitz through the entire Raid in just 55 minutes - that's faster than it takes me with five friends.

How SnazzzzyRock smashed a nine-year-old Destiny record

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It's perhaps unsurprising given he's previously torn through Ir Yut and Nezarec solo, but perhaps most impressive is how he achieved the feat.

The SnazzzyRock switched between ten different loadouts, with weapons ranging from Eriana's Vow to a Timelost Fatebringer and Adept Hung Jury. You'll find his loadouts in the description of the YouTube video above.

It's worth noting that while the Vault of Glass Raid debuted 9 years ago, it's not been around the entire time - at least in Destiny 2. While Destiny 1's servers remain up, the reprised version of the raid wasn't added to the sequel until May 2022, 2021. The SnazzzyRock remains the only player to complete it flawlessly, solo, across both games.

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