Destiny 2 Legendary Difficulty: Should You Play On Legendary Difficulty?

Destiny 2 Legendary Difficulty: Should You Play On Legendary Difficulty?
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Aaron Bayne


24th Feb 2022 18:06

Destiny 2 legendary difficulty is just one of the many new features in Bungie's looter shooter thanks to The Witch Queen expansion, also one with the most long-standing implications for players.

Destiny 2 is no real stranger to challenge with elements such as Raids, Grandmaster Nightfalls, and Dungeons. However, the legendary difficulty is both exciting for those looking to test themselves through story missions, and as a way to level up really fast.

But why should you play legendary difficulty and what are the biggest differences from the regular difficulty? We're here to break down everything you should know about Destiny 2 legendary difficulty. 

Destiny 2 Legendary Difficulty: What Is It? 

Destiny 2 Legendary Difficulty screen .
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Destiny 2 legendary difficulty is the newest difficulty setting to be added into Bungie's looter shooter. It allows players to play through the entire campaign at a heightened difficulty, forcing them to put greater focus on the new mechanics at play such as Destiny 2 weapon crafting and Void 3.0. It is also true that when Destiny 2 puts you to the test with a full fireteam in tow - it really is at its best. 

The Destiny 2 legendary difficulty is available from when you first boot up The Witch Queen, and it does scale depending on your current Light level. You will be given the choice of Destiny 2 Be Brave or Become Legend. Become Legend of course alludes to the new difficulty, so you can jump into it right away. 


That is quite unlike previous iterations of higher difficulties which demanded that you grind your Light level up to meet its higher requirement. Instead, this simply amps up the difficulty at whichever Light level you and your fireteam are currently at, making for a more immediately accessible challenge. Effectively, this saves you from having to fight to the endgame before the real challenge begins, which has long been the case in Destiny 2. 

Don't let that leave you thinking it isn't a challenge however. With the more powerful Hive Guardians in The Witch Queen, you and your team can easily be taken out if you aren't careful and tactical. Legendary difficulty also increases the amount of no respawn areas, and decreases the amount of times that players are able to be revived. 

Destiny 2 Legendary Difficulty: Added Benefits 

Destiny 2 Legendary Difficulty choice screen.
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Of course, playing in Destiny 2 legendary difficulty for many is about having fun and being challenged, but we also like to get something for our hard work. Luckily, legendary difficulty comes with loot - and lots of it. Upon the completion of any mission, rather than just unlocking yourself the typical single chest of loot, legendary difficulty rewards you with two loot chests per completed mission, allowing you to skyrocket that new light level. 

Additionally, the completion of Legendary missions will open up the ability to be rewarded with exotic armour, gear bundles of up to Light level 1520, additional upgrade modules so you can scale your favourite weapons, and the Higher Truth banner. All of these allow you to wear your Legendary badge of honour in style. 

That's all you need to know about Destiny 2 legendary difficulty. Be sure to head on over to our guide on how to earn Destiny 2 weapon crafting materials, so you can bring the best weapons possible into Legendary missions. 


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