Destiny 2 Fynch: Who Is Fynch In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Fynch: Who Is Fynch In Destiny 2?
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28th Feb 2022 10:37

Fynch Destiny 2 is one of the newest characters introduced through The Witch Queen DLC and he has certainly caught the attention of the playerbase.

There are a lot of returning names in the latest Destiny 2 expansion, with the likes of Zavala, Ikora Rey, and Eris Morn stepping up to take on Savathun. Even Savathun herself is a pre-established character in the Destiny universe. However, many fans are taking to the new character Fynch, but what exactly is his deal? And what purpose does he serve in The Witch Queen DLC? Here's everything you need to know about Fynch Destiny 2.  

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Destiny 2 Fynch: Who Is Fynch? 

Destiny 2 Fynch: A hive Ghost getting crushed.
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You'll first come across Fynch Destiny 2 in the newly explorable Throne World, after the mission The Investigation. Some players may be surprised to find that Fynch is one of the Hive Ghosts, who has defected from Savathun's following. 

Fynch reveals that Savathun has essentially tricked the Ghosts into resurrecting the Hive Guardians time and time again, but that some of them still choose to help the Witch Queen. Narratively, it is quite interesting as Ghosts have only ever been known to help the Guardians, as vessels of the Light gifted by the Traveller. 


Fynch will essentially act as your guide to the Throne World as someone that knows the ins and outs of what is effectively a mind palace. However, he will also be the vendor for this area. 

Destiny 2 Fynch: Why Use Fynch?

Destiyn 2 Fynch menu.
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As the vendor to the Throne World, Fynch Destiny 2 comes with a whole load of useful gear and abilities. For one, players will level up their Throne World rank, which gradually unlocks the rewards Fynch holds. You'll level up by completing patrols, public events and region chests, but you can also pick up his daily bounties. Some of the rewards include seasonal gear and weapons, but ranking up with Fynch is also key to levelling up your Destiny 2 Deepsight. However, you'll also want to grind this rank to unlock the higher difficulties for the new Wellspring activity. 

That's all you need to know about Fynch Destiny 2, but if you interested in more of the story of the Lucent Hive that Ghost like Fynch use to revive, check out our lore guide which answers who is Savath√Ľn in Destiny 2?


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