Designer shares scrapped Guard 2024 jersey & fans want it

Designer shares scrapped Guard 2024 jersey & fans want it
Image via Sydney Malham

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Sascha Heinisch


7th Sep 2023 15:27

In the unfolding narrative surrounding The Guard VALORANT team, the spotlight has turned to what could have been with the reveal of the 2024 team jersey.

Sydney Malham, the brain behind the design, shared the concept which utilizes the team’s signature shades of purple to craft a jersey rich with symbolic gestures echoing The Guard's history and achievements.

The Design

The design integrates a meticulous array of patterns and shades of purple, playing host to the black and white variation of The Guard's logo at the centre.

The symmetrical layout, formed by a mirror image of abstract patterns and shapes, was conceptualized to exhibit an "upward motion design,” according to Malham’s Tweet.

In a deeper dive into the design's elements, the upper arm bears the slogan "Stand Guard," serving as a tribute to their achievements, especially their victory at the 2023 VCT America's Ascension.

It was envisioned to be a constant reminder to the players of the dedication and hard work that underlined their journey, while also nudging the fans to remember the team's triumphant path.

Simultaneously, the inside of the collar shows the phrase "Rise Above," narrating the story of The Guard's meteoric rise from the challenges of the VCT Main Event in 2022 to clinching the top spot in the 2023 VCT America's Ascension.

According to the infographic, it represented a history of overcoming, an ethos of rising above competition time and again, showcasing a trajectory that included a remarkable stint at Masters 1 Reykjavik.

Fans Want It

The unveiling of the design was met with a wave of positivity. Chris "PapaSmithy" Smith, President and Chief Gaming Officer at FlyQuest, was among the admirers, expressing his affection for the vibrant purple hue in the design, stating, "The purple goes hard! Love it."

The sentiments of loss and unrealised potential were palpable in former Guard head coach Josh "JoshRT" Lee's reaction, who replied with a melancholic "What could've been 😔."

The design also caught the wider esports fanbase. Twitter user @Gvmbit, shared high praise, declaring it as "easily one of the best jersey designs I’ve seen in my 15 years of eSports watching."

The unreleased jersey has certainly stirred emotions in the esports community, serving as a vivid reminder of The Guard's journey.

Sascha Heinisch
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