Death Stranding 3 could already be on the way

Death Stranding 3 could already be on the way
Images via HideoTube | Kojima Productions

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Megan Cooke


9th Feb 2024 21:06

Call us delusional, but a comment in a recent ‘HideoTube’ video has left us thinking that Death Stranding 3 could be on the cards.

Movie director Fatih Akin, who features in Death Stranding 2, gave the upcoming title some very high praise in comparing the game to the second Godfather film, which got us thinking about how the infamous movie trilogy could hint towards a third game.

After all, the best things do come in threes. 

Faith Akin has compared Death Stranding 2 to The Godfather 2

Faith Akin is a famous German movie director who just so happens to be playing the rather disturbing ventriloquist dummy which makes an appearance in Death Stranding 2.

During a special guests segment of the latest ‘HideoTube’ series video, Akin shared some very high praise for the game, stating: “I’m blown away man. I mean like, if Godfather is a great film, the first part, and when the Godfather 2 came, you never thought that after such a great film, you cannot make a better second part.

“And it was better, the Godfather 2, and I have the same impression of Death Stranding. I really love the first part of it. The first game is fantastic.

“But Death Stranding Part 2 is like The Godfather Part 2. This will be better, even better."

Coming from a movie director, this is exceptionally high praise of the game.

The Godfather 2 is widely considered to be one of the best movies of all time and certainly one of the most well-crafted sequels ever made.

Could Death Stranding be a trilogy?

When you think about the Godfather films, one of the first things you probably think about is that they form part of a trilogy.

Akin’s comparison to the Godfather got us thinking about the possibility of a trilogy of Death Stranding games and with the high praise that the first game has received and the promise of an even more compelling sequel, it seems entirely possible.

In an early interview from December 2015, Kojima stated that he wanted “to deliver a game that will become a compelling franchise” in reference to Death Stranding.

While this is not exactly proof of a third game, it does suggest that there will be more than two games coming.

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If we’re being realistic, Akin probably wouldn’t know about plans for future instalments in the Death Stranding series and this is probably all just wishful thinking on our behalf.

Though it would be nice to know whether a third Death Stranding game is on the table, it’ll be a little while before anything is confirmed if the first game is anything to go by in terms of timelines.

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