When is the Dead Space Remake release date?

When is the Dead Space Remake release date?
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6th Aug 2021 15:21

While news that Electronic Arts was planning to "resurrect" Dead Space came as no surprise, the official announcement at last month's EA Play Live has kicked things into overdrive. Although we know relatively little about what's to come, there's some positive news that the Dead Space remake could be coming sooner than we first thought.

Released back in 2008, Dead Space was an early survival horror that sent players into the depths of space and into the bowels of a doomed mining ship that was overrun by cannibalistic creatures called Necromorphs. The original was a huge hit, which quickly led to a sequel in 2011 and a third game in 2013. 

There were plans to continue the story beyond Dead Space 3, but with the game being dubbed a commercial failure, Dead Space has been dead ever since. Whispers that EA would revisit the dormant franchise have been swirling for a while, but instead of a full-blown sequel, EA Motive is going back to the start.

When is the Dead Space remake going to release?

Update: Motive Studio's Dead Space remake released on January 27, 2023

Details might be thin on the ground, but that hasn't stopped VentureBeat from claiming Dead Space is targeting a release before the end of the 2023 fiscal year. If sources close to the title are to be believed, it means Dead Space would release before March 31, 2023 - and almost definitely at some point next year.

When asked about the Dead Space remake in a recent earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said, "Having just provided a very small trailer on Dead Space—or a sneak preview on Dead Space—there’s not lot more I can share about that. It’s a little way out yet, but the studio has taken it on."

Aside from just being another generic remake, Wilson said Dead Space is "one of the most demanded titles for us". In fact, he put it just behind the recently announced return to Skate. "What I can say is it’s one of the great games from our catalogue", said Wilson.

"There has been extraordinary demand to bring it back for existing players and the next generation of players, and we’re excited to kind of add that to the portfolio over time, and we’ll be able to share more as development continues."

What else do we know about the Dead Space remake?

As well as being helmed by former Assassin's Creed Valhalla Game Director Eric Baptizat, we already know Dead Space could use content that was cut from the original. It will be built from the ground up with the Frostbite engine and will offer much more than just a graphical boost. 

Finally, Dead Space is apparently going to be filmed in the same way as 2020's God of War and will be a continuous shot from start to finish. Either way, we're pumped to see what's on the way. 

Considering most modern games have lengthy development schedules that span years - just look at the System Shock remake - it's great news that Dead Space could be further along than EA would have us believe.

Then again, the Dead Space rumours had been doing the rounds for a while, meaning development of the next-gen remastering was probably well underway when Dead Space was made official. EA isn't ready to reveal anything else just bet, but rest assured, Dead Space will be breathing new life into the sci-fi scarer.


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