Dark Souls 3 just got an easy mode, sort of

Dark Souls 3 just got an easy mode, sort of
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Joseph Kime


21st Mar 2023 10:05

Ah, the video game difficulty debate. It's been some time, so we hope you've been well. Not everyone asked for it, but a Dark Souls 3 easy mode is here.

Seemingly following FromSoftware with whatever the team does is always legions of fans who have a lot of intense ideas about what makes a video game good, with the leading comment being that the likes of Dark Souls and Elden Ring are difficult by design.

With these games being known for their difficulty, many believe they aren't to be tampered with regarding accessibility. But, that won't stop some heroes from swooping in to save the day with mods. Super-easy Dark Souls is finally here.

Dark Souls 3 has an intensely easy mod

Dark Souls 3 just got an easy mode, sort of
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A new mod is finally making the fan-favourite game more accessible to those wanting to get involved with the FromSoftware giant. Doing what it says on the tin, the mod makes Dark Souls 3 much, much, easier.

Modder Zethras has revealed the new Easy Souls 3 mod that introduces some fascinating changes to make the game more manageable for the less able or new players. The mod has three different modes: Easy, VeryEasy, and UltraEasy.

The trio of modes all increase the souls you gain, decrease your damage intake, and amplify your damage dealt. The UltraEasy mode is especially simple - giving players a 75% increase on these values to practically make the game a breeze.

Critics will decry the mod for taking away from the Dark Souls experience with the new modes, but maybe it'll finally allow some players to get involved in the game's community. In our eyes, that couldn't possibly be a bad thing.

How do you play Easy Souls 3?

If you want to take Easy Souls 3 for a spin yourself, all you have to do is download the mod from its NexusMods page and follow one of three steps. Either put the download's Data0.btd file into the game's ModEngine folder, use DSMapStudio, or just drop it into the game's main folder.

Be warned, you'll want to ensure you've got a backup of the title first. The world of Dark Souls 3 could finally be yours to conquer now that there are new difficulty modes. Jump in and ignore the naysayers, champion.

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