Cult of the Lamb is stripping off, but not how fans want

Cult of the Lamb is stripping off, but not how fans want
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Tarran Stockton


27th Nov 2023 15:17

Cult of the Lamb fans have been attempting to will the 'sex update' into existence since the game released, and despite some naughty artwork for the newest update, Massive Monster has confirmed you can still play free of shame.

Cult of the Lamb is receiving a new free expansion

Sins of the Flesh is the latest expansion for Cult of the Lamb, which was announced as a free update on November 23 and given a release window of "early next year".

According to the official Twitter account, the update will be "packed with new features, stories, and more!" This comes shortly after Relics of the Old Faith, another free expansion that launched earlier in 2022, adding a tonne of new content after the final boss fight.

In addition to the fact that it's a new update set to add extra content, its announcement has also been notable due to the fact that its artwork depicts the cult members wearing nothing but fig leaves over their genitals. 

This has led some community members to joke about it finally being the 'sex update', a meme that's been prevalent in the community since the early days of the game.

Sins of the Flesh is not the 'sex update' people are looking for

gameplay of Cult of the Lamb
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The jokes about the 'sex update' finally happening even led to a concerned player posting on the Steam forums, worried about if the game will be suitable for their children anymore.

"For the 'sex update' rumours", Terry East begins, "I hope the update won't go too far on the 'sex' as sometimes I play this in front of my kids." 

Luckily, a community manager from Massive Monster jumped in to respond and assuage their worries.

"Don't worry, the 'sex update' is more of a meme in the community" they responded, "obviously everyone is different, but I doubt you won't be able to play in front of your kids if you do already!"

That all but confirms that Sins of the Flesh will not be adding any additional raunchy content to Cult of the Lamb, so players hoping for a 'sex update' will have to continue their wait.

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