CS:GO Fans Fuming At Huge Inferno Change

CS:GO Fans Fuming At Huge Inferno Change

Written by 

Jack Marsh


16th Jun 2022 14:38

A single pixel is sometimes the difference between success and failure in Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO), as the geometry and angles have proven to be quite masterful over the past years. Whether it be angling the gun just one pixel higher to get a game-winning body shot, or adjusting yourself with a mere tap of the A key to be able to peek corners perfectly and efficiently, you can only imagine the frustration when near misses happen. With mathematic perfection needed to be a success in CS:GO, changes to the map pool can have huge ramifications in a Mandela-affect manner, and the latest adaptation to Inferno has resulted in a mass outrage.

Valve's Latest Changes To Inferno Engulf Players Into Flames Of Fury

Attacking rounds as Ts can be hard enough on Inferno, with many CTs being able to hold down the bomb sites effectively. However, if you've become quite the expert at taking A site, more times than not you'll be plating the C4 in "default" - just behind the crates - and working a nice little jiggle down in the pit. The far corner of the pit used to be a safe place for Ts to cower in if the C4 successfully blows, but not anymore...

Valve rolled out a range of changes to the map pool, most specifically Ancient, which itself was in dire need of some adjustments and exploit fixes. Over on Inferno though, the developers slipped in an extended explosion radius, and fans are less than happy at the changes that are being dubbed a T-only nerf.

Not even full armour will help you now, rendering the spot quite useless if you want to win the round and keep your economy. 

Fans have identified that you can make the harder option of planting on the other side of A site, which takes 52 damage from you after exploding, technically keeping you alive, although it's much more complicated to execute without the coverage from the crates.


Fans Fuming A One-Way T Nerf On Inferno

Having seen the changes go live, fans have expressed their frustration at adding further disadvantages for Ts. "So many teammates about to die from that cuz they haven't read the update," said one fan on Twitter.

The increased bomb damage will also see you take 1HP in damage almost anywhere on the map, which could be the fine margin between surviving the round and dying, losing your economy as a T once again. "Yeah, I don't really get this change. Doesn't make sense since people already pointed to Inferno as being a weird map for bomb damage and how an A-bomb plant could kill you in banana," said another fan.

Even Team Liquids Jonathan "EliGe" Jablonowski has expressed his confusion, saying "[I] think the bomb explosion radius on inferno change only nerfs Ts being able to save more consistently, so not sure about that one."

The weird change to Inferno is the only questionable adaptation that has been criticised though, with the majority of fans being overjoyed at the Ancient fixes.

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