CSGO 2 'leaked' by latest NVIDIA update

CSGO 2 'leaked' by latest NVIDIA update

Written by 

Joseph Kime


2nd Mar 2023 12:16

NVIDIA leaks are probably the closest thing we've got to a genuine prophecy gifted to us by Apollo himself. Although leaks are fascinating, they can't always be trusted. However, those that come from NVIDIA seem to have some magic mixed into them and often come to life in a dramatic fashion.

Not to indicate that everything it reveals comes to be true, but it's still a wild time when a new leak comes from the centre of the company - predicting game arrivals with shocking accuracy. And now, it has revealed a potential follow-up to one of the biggest PC shooters in history.

CS:GO 2 could be coming soon

The prophet speaks. Though the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive updates have been punishingly few and far between, the game has remained one of the biggest titles on Steam, and for good reason.

But now, the GOAT could be dethroned. According to a new leak from an NVIDIA driver update, CS:GO 2 could be on the way a mere 11 years after its predecessor launched. 

Source modder Gabe Follower has claimed that some digging in NVIDIA drivers reveals files that Counter-Strike 2 is sitting there and is waiting for a game to correspond with. The csgo2.exe files seemingly appeared there back in February.

There's also a new game file for Counter-Strike 2, meaning that it's raring and ready to go when this game becomes available.

Does this leak confirm CSGO 2?

While NVIDIA leaks often have truth to them, this is a bit of a different story. Coming straight from drivers doesn't confirm anything and could be a placeholder leftover from a half-finished cleanup operation.

Not everyone was convinced, with one sceptic replying on Twitter saying, "You mean just like Titanfall 3 and Crysis 4 two years ago right?" Whatever it is, it indicates that either an all-new Counter-Strike game or an update to CS:GO could finally be on the way.

Either way, that's something that fans won't be likely to sniff at. Despite its lack of support, CS:GO has been immensely popular, so when there's finally more to play, there's no doubt it'll explode all over again.

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