CS:GO Hacker Allegedly Steals $2million Worth Of Items From 'Most Expensive Inventory' Ever

CS:GO Hacker Allegedly Steals $2million Worth Of Items From 'Most Expensive Inventory' Ever

Written by 

Jack Marsh


22nd Jun 2022 15:19

Collecting some of the most expensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins in history is quite a hobby for some players, and inventories boasting a range of extremely rare items can amount to a fair wad of cash. But one haul that apparently peaked at $2 million has reportedly been hacked and stolen, leaving the owner dismayed.

World's Most Expensive CS:GO Inventory Allegedly Hacked And Stolen

According to popular skin collector "ohnePixel" a hacker has stolen multiple skins from another collector's inventory, which contained a lucrative collection worth around $2 million. 

Proclaiming that the item wallet was "the most expensive inventory in CS:GO", the user boasted seven souvenir AWP Dragon Lore skins, which is one of the dearest weapon wraps in the game - sometimes being worth up to $30,000 each depending on wear.

However, ohnePixel took to social media to claim that a hacker has stolen the entire inventory and quick-sold nearly half of the items.

The CS:GO skin collector also had a no-star Karambit, a knife which was purchased for $3,000 five years ago and is now worth north of $15,000 alone.


CS:GO Player Pleads To Valve After Having $2 million Inventory Hacked

After revealing that the inventory has been hacked, ohnePixel urged the CS:GO developers, Valve - who also own Steam, the platform where the skins are being sold - to help retrieve the items and put an end to the hacks. 

According to reports, the email and password of the inventory owner's Steam profile was changed last week, although they didn't notice until it was too late.

Taking to Twitter, ohnePixel said, "if someone from csgo/steam sees this, message me and I'll get you in contact with him to get this sorted. Half(?) of the items got quick-sold and are gone, the other half(?) sent to the hacker's steam account and are sitting on a trade hold."

Valve have yet to comment on the situation, however, fans have noticed that they are already banning players who purchase the stolen items from the hacked account, presumably blocking all sales in a bid to retain a huge loss of cash.

The reports come as a startling surprise to skin collectors, who will likely have to keep a close eye on their accounts in the future and set up two-way authenticator codes to help combat any password breaches. 

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