CS:GO AK-47 skin sells for more than a Ferrari, a house, and a yacht

CS:GO AK-47 skin sells for more than a Ferrari, a house, and a yacht

Written by 

Jack Marsh


15th Mar 2023 17:49

I recently bought a nice three-bedroom, semi-detached, north-facing house with a lawn on the back and front in a lovely part of a stunning city worth $155,000. It fits my entire gaming and work setup, as well as plenty of room for my dog and partner - likely to be our forever home.

Imagine trading it all for a CS:GO skin...and still having some pocket change. That's right, an AK-47 skin in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive just sold for more than my house is worth.

AK-47 skin sells for $160,000 in CS:GO

Skins in Counter-Strike are a rare phenomenon in gaming, and many players around the globe are collecting skin lines based on rarity, wear and tear, and design. Shockingly, many have sold in excess of six figures to collectors or pro players. 

Usually, it's the AWP which brings in the most money, but recently, an AK-47 has hit the market and has sold for a small fortune.

The Wild Lotus AK-47 was a Factory New skin and sold on the Steam market for €148,939, which equates to around $160,000.

It's worth noting that this isn't the most expensive skin in the game, either. There's currently another AK-47 wrap that gets bids of around $400,000.

Elsewhere, nobody has yet nabbed a StatTrack Factory New Case Hardened AK with a Pattern 661 camo, which is suspected to be valued at around a million dollars.

$160,000 AK-47 skin is worth more than a Ferrari

Not only does this sale eclipse the price of my house, but you can also buy a brand-new Ferrari for less. In fact, for $20,000 less than the AK-47 skin, you could have had a low-mileage Ferrari 458.

Similarly, because I guess that both the roads and the sea count as not touching grass as we gamers love, you could have got a luxury yacht to sail the oceans on for $30,000 less too.

It's likely that the new owner of the Wild Lotus AK-47 will be building up a portfolio of guns that will lead to a bigger and better sale down the line, especially as CS:GO skins will reportedly be transferring over to the heavily rumoured Source 2 title, giving them time to age like a fine wine.

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