Creator Tells You Not To Buy Steam’s Most Expensive Game

Creator Tells You Not To Buy Steam’s Most Expensive Game
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Joseph Kime


26th Jan 2023 16:14

Luckily for PC players, the price of games has been consistently lower away from consoles for a long time. It's irritating to PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox owners, but it's simply the facts.

Though there are some companies trying to change this for sake of their own profits, PC players get lucky with indie games that appear nowhere else and AAA offerings that are perhaps better tailored to consoles being cheaper to make up for it.

Online storefronts are so competitive that they have to try to at least get their games out as cheap as they can - and the results are brilliant for consumers. The opposite can also be true, and even the game's developers are urging players not to buy them.

Don't Buy The Most Expensive Game On Steam

Creator Tells You Not To Buy Steam’s Most Expensive Game
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A new game has appeared on Steam at an extortionate price, but its creator isn't sure you should buy it. The game is titled The Hidden and Unknown and is a story-led, text-based, game that is deeply personal and reflective of the developer's life.

This has led developer ThePro to charge a jaw-dropping $1,999,90/£1,679.09 for it. Speaking to PCGamesN, ThePro says they would "discourage anyone from buying it if they can't afford it."

The dev reiterates how they don't want to cause trouble. "The underlying theme is sharing your own story and letting people understand that even if you're in a bad situation you can work with what you’ve got."

The Most Expensive Game On Steam Wasn't Originally A Game

The Hidden and Unknown might be getting plenty of attention for its price, but it actually didn't start out as a game at all.

During the interview, ThePro explained how the project started out as a book about their life, but laughing about it, they say they just "ended up making a game."

It's certainly an interesting way to tell a story, but it's incredibly bizarre to be asking so much for it. The Hidden and Unknown might be personal, but it might be the most personal game ever made if its immediate playerbase can't afford to buy it.

Looking at what The Hidden and Unknown costs, there's no escaping the fact you could buy a lot of PS5s and Xbox Series consoles for that price. 

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