Crash Team Rumble teases unexpected Spyro revival

Crash Team Rumble teases unexpected Spyro revival
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Joseph Kime


28th Jun 2023 17:20

Crash Team Rumble has, weirdly, not been the subject of massive hate from fans. You'd think that to tell dedicated Crash fans that their beloved Bandicoot's next adventure would be a live-service, seasonally updated brawler would be a tough sell, but it seems as though fans have welcomed it with open arms.

Fans are ready to dive into Crash Team Rumble and dish out some hurt in order to bag themselves some Wumpa fruit. It's a surprise that the game is already a hit already without its seasonal content having a chance to settle - but a new reveal has us speculating that a lack of scepticism could reap rewards.

Spyro may be coming to Crash Team Rumble

As Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot have shared plenty of crossovers in the past, it makes sense that the purple dragon would make a comeback in Crash Team Rumble - and fans think they've found a hint toward it already.

Spyro YouTuber KrystalVixon has shared some new findings on Twitter, taking a look at the Rumble battle pass' Dragon Vision Banner. In the background, players can see not one, but two crystal Dragons from the first Spyro title.

Though this could be a mere cosmetic crossover or reference, players probably aren't that far off when pointing out that a full implementation of Spyro characters could be on the way. Finally, a chance to give Moneybags the beating he truly deserves.

Spyro hints in Crash Team Rumble have been here a while

It seems that hints of Spyro's involvement in Crash Team Rumble have been present for some time, as the game's website showed off some emblems that have since been removed. Back then, they alluded to both the appearance of Spyro and Ripto, long before its release.

Crash Team Rumble's connection to the world of Spyro has a lot of different tethers, and with each new discovery, it's more likely the daring dragon and his friends could be appearing in the scrapper. It's not the Spyro revival we were hoping for, but it'll do for now. Let's get him in, providing he can still take a punch.

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