CouRage talks UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series tips, tricks, and passions

CouRage talks UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series tips, tricks, and passions
CouRage | UNO! Mobile

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Jack Marsh


5th Dec 2023 16:40

Amongst many games in Jack "CouRage" Dunlop's rather stacked locker, one unique deck of cards can be found, with more ways to bamboozle the 100 Thieves content roster after a long day dealing with Tim "TimTheTatman" Betar.

UNO!, or UNO! Mobile (which serves as an easier on-the-go experience with some more variation to it) is one of CouRage's most beloved party games. Tying together both his competitive fire and a craving for laughter, he's not stopping at just friendly play.

The high-net streamer has already showcased his fervent UNO! fever alongside 100 Thieves while hosting content creator matches and tournaments in partnership with Cash App, and now, the ante is being upped one step further.

CouRage has now appeared as the official host of the UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series, heading back to his casting roots, and after a massive weekend of action, he's spoken to GGRecon about why UNO! Mobile is such a passion. CouRage also have some tips for you to reverse the script on your family after your Christmas dinner.

CouRage is a massive UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series fan

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With the best UNO! Mobile players on the globe all duking it out in a real test of patience, memory, and wits for a $10,000 prize pool, CouRage has marvelled in the Wildcard Series as he joins a stacked cast of talent alongside Katie Bedford and Garrett "Gojj".

"What I love about UNO! Mobile is that it lets me play one of my favourite games anywhere on the go," CouRage told GGRecon. 

"Last year I played in UNO! Mobile’s first esports show All-Stars with a bunch of my friends, so I like to remind everyone how good I am at the game," he added.

Of course, this isn't quite the game that we see causing Christmas car crashes and trifle throwing, as the cards are slipped back into the packet and the modern-day digital age takes over.

But that doesn't mean UNO! Mobile loses the magic of its namesake card game. "I also love how fast-paced and competitive the mobile version is," CouRage continued, noting the difference between the two.

"I also think the fact that UNO! Mobile has special cards (like Discard All) that make it totally unique and create way more competition even against friends."

The co-op play does allow for family spats, though, just make sure you don't throw your phones like you might do with your deck of cards when that back-to-back +4 lands.

CouRage on why he loves UNO! Mobile esports

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There's more to UNO! Mobile that sees the eye, and just as CouRage exerts fire into his very fibre, there's a whole circuit of competitions in the esports calendar that summits with the Wildcard Series.

After being the official host of the UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series, CouRage says the reason he loves it so much is the uniqueness that can continue to bring out the inner competitive dragon in anyone.

"I think the competition of UNO! Mobile is great because the game is well loved by so many, so as long as there are tournaments and prize money there will be people who want to be involved whether it’s by playing or watching," he said.

Suppose you are that type of UNO! enthusiast who can pull the trigger on your reverse cards at the right time and can store up what colours have been skipped on, CouRage says the Wildcard Series is a great way to scratch your competitive itch.

But there is a little bit to be desired for UNO! Mobile to begin being considered a serious esports title like other card-based games such as Hearthstone and Magic! The Gathering.

"The best way to get more people to play UNO! Mobile in a competitive nature is to have a clear schedule of tournaments, a robust prize pool, or have unique items you can earn for watching or playing in the events," he added. "There’s so much opportunity for the UNO! Mobile esports scene to expand beyond what it has achieved so far."

CouRage names his best UNO! Mobile tips and tricks

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CouRage isn't just another bozo who thinks he can out-smart the best card readers in the world, as he's already showcased his UNO! talents through the 100Thieves Cash App tournament last year, where he came out on top against some of gaming's sharpest minds.

So, if you now want to learn from one of the best, the talented hoodwinker has now shared his two best reads on how to always be the first one to lose your stack of cards.

"If you’re new to UNO! Mobile, then it’s super key to try to keep track of what colour cards your opponent has." he began, although this is also just as true in the original card game. "That will help you when playing Wilds to get the most value out of them," he said with a Mobile-exclusive touch.

Keeping tabs on your opponent's cards will make it easier to stump them when they get low, forcing them to pick up from the pile.

Another handful of wise words from CouRage are, "The best tricks will simply come down to knowing how to play your cards with the most value. Don’t just throw down a Wild when you have other options to play. Use it when you need it most to avoid drawing cards."

So, next time your Grandma whips out the deck on Boxing Day, make sure to take this on board to take the spoils and laugh your way to the pudding board.

Jack is an Esports Journalist at GGRecon. Graduating from the University of Chester, with a BA Honours degree in Journalism, Jack is an avid esports enthusiast and specialises in Rocket League, Call of Duty, VALORANT, and trending gaming news.

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