Counter-Strike 2 weapons already selling for over $130,000

Counter-Strike 2 weapons already selling for over $130,000
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Tarran Stockton


27th Nov 2023 12:39

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive saw the birth of a community-driven skin market that's still running strong today, and only a couple of months into the release of CS2, a player has already made six figures with the sale of a single weapon skin.

Counter-Strike skin market showing no signs of slowing down

According to a Tweet from Jake Lucky, a Counter-Strike 2 player has just sold a skin for a massive $132,500, making it one of the most expensive purchases in the franchise's history. 

The skin in question is an AK-47 Case Hardened, which features a unique pattern that makes the blue accents of the skin appear more prominently - coined by the community as the Blue Gem pattern.

It also has four Titan Hollow stickers, which have rocketed in value due to the team shutting down back in 2016, meaning they can no longer be acquired unless purchased for a high price. 

When you combine a unique version of the Case Hardened skin, four super rare stickers, and one of the most popular guns in the game - you get a recipe for making a lot of money from Counter-Strike skin enthusiasts.

How does this sale compare to other skin prices?

an image of the Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem
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While $130,000 is a whole lot of money for a skin in a game, there are some Counter-Strike skins that go for far more. 

For example, according to the website, a Factory New version of the AWP Dragon Lore skin is worth upwards of $400,000, and many of the rarer skins can go for similar amounts with the right combo of stickers and extras like StatTrak. 

From what we currently know, the most expensive skin in Counter-Strike is a knife - the Karambit Case Hardened. 

One lucky player has one of the extremely rare Blue Gem versions of this knife, and in 2021, a user bid over $1.5 million for it before being rebuffed by the owner, who claimed that the offer was too low and that they weren't interested.

As Counter-Strike 2 gets older, many of these skins will only increase in value, so we wouldn't be surprised to see a skin going for over $1 million some day soon.

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