Counter-Strike 2 is already full of cheaters - but Valve is fighting back

Counter-Strike 2 is already full of cheaters - but Valve is fighting back
Images: Valve

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Joseph Kime


24th Mar 2023 15:32

The shock reveal of a new Counter-Strike game was massive for fans who have been playing the series in spite of a sorely missed level of support from Valve.

The series has been dormant for too long, and with its competitive scene being so bustling, we were long overdue for a new title - and finally, Counter-Strike 2 is on the way, with a fresh playtest for pros and casuals alike to take for a spin. Players are having fun - but there's a problem. There are already cheaters nestling into the game.

But that doesn't mean that Valve is sitting idly.

Counter-Strike 2 already has hackers

The playtest for Counter-Strike 2 is already filling out nicely with long-time fans finally getting the chance to take the new experience for a test drive. But, sadly, cheaters are already getting their grubby mitts on it.

It's been two days since the launch of the beta, but already, reports are flooding in that indicate that hackers were quick to jump onto the game. Streamer Jason Ruchelski was among the first to flag the problem with a simple tweet, alerting Counter-Strike and fans to the fact that they're already rife in Counter-Strike 2.

There are also hacking clients already taking to Twitter to advertise their wall and aim hacks - but Valve isn't messing around.

Valve are reportedly already working on Counter-Strike 2's anti-cheat

According to dataminer Aquaismissing, there are files sat dormant in the code of Counter-Strike 2 that imply the existence of a new anti-cheat measure, titled VAC Live.

It's frustrating to see that cheaters are already over the game like a bad rash, but it's reassuring that Valve is looking to stamp them out quicker than they can filter in.

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