Community calls out LCSPA for caving to LCS

Community calls out LCSPA for caving to LCS
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Sascha Heinisch


9th Jun 2023 14:40

In a noteworthy development in the ongoing dispute between the LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) and the LCSPA (League of Legends Championship Series Player Association), negotiations have resulted in a resolution allowing the LCS season to resume. 

Initially disrupted due to a looming player walkout, the League will now restart on June 14th, following the negotiations. This outcome has caused a mix of reactions from the League of Legends community.

Which Changes Will Happen?

The negotiations have brought about significant changes, primarily for the duration of the 2023 season. Ten teams participating in the North American Challenger Series (NACL) will receive a significant financial boost to cover operational costs. 

Amongst those changes, each of these teams will be granted $300,000 (a substantial aid) but limited to this season, unlike the permanent assistance previously demanded by the LCSPA.

A new revenue-sharing scheme will also be implemented, whereby half of all future sponsorship revenues from the NACL will be directed to the teams themselves.

Players whose earnings are up to 1.5 times the league minimum salary will now be guaranteed a minimum of 30 days severance pay if terminated without cause. This measure provides some financial cushioning for players in what is often an unpredictable career.

A significant addition is the forming of a committee to discuss the path going forward. This committee will be characterised by equal representation from players and teams, ensuring that all stakeholders have a voice in future decisions.

These changes significantly contrast the LCSPA's initial demands, such as the installation of a promotion and relegation system, and a persistent $300,000 revenue pool for each NACL team.

The Mixed Community Reception

The resolution has caused a variety of responses within the esports community. Former pro player turned content creator Christian "IWDominate" Rivera sees it as a reasonable outcome, stating: "Riot essentially gets to come out looking charitable without conceding anything major."

He later added: "Given how everything was going publicly, the options were that Riot would concede straight up nothing or next to nothing. LCSPA got next to nothing with is honestly a win with how f*****g doomed it was looking."

Some view the outcome as a move in the right direction. As Twitter user @KazuCthu noted: "I mean, it's a step in the right direction, but it's not close to where we need to be."

This marks a significant point in a dispute initially sparked by the LCS' decision to lift the requirement for teams to support NACL rosters, potentially leading to considerable job losses. Amid escalating tensions and player protests, negotiations have led to the LCS postponing and now rescheduling the start of the season.

Sascha Heinisch
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