CoD players slam Warzone Combat Pack for 'mind-blowing' price tag

CoD players slam Warzone Combat Pack for 'mind-blowing' price tag
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Alex Garton


9th Nov 2023 12:34

For a long time, PlayStation players subscribed to PS Plus received exclusive Call of Duty Operators that were not accessible to any other platform.

Following Microsoft's acquisition of Activision, this is no longer the case and these bundles are now available to unlock for the Xbox and PC community.

Unfortunately, CoD fans are not exactly pleased with how these exclusive cosmetics are being sold, as they appear in the store at "mind-blowing" prices.

For them, selling an exclusive skin that was given away to PS players for free at a high price tag is nothing short of greedy.

CoD fans are furious PlayStation exclusive skin is now purchasable on Xbox & PC

Taking to the ModernWarfareII subreddit, user Leading-Pop5059 has called out Activision for selling the PlayStation-exclusive Warzone Combat Packs to everyone for a "mind-blowing" 2,400 CoD points.

As these cosmetics were free for PS Plus members, seeing them on the store for such a high price tag has frustrated Xbox and PC players.

"Remember you used to pay 15 bucks for 4 maps, new weapons and game modes, 4 times a year... Now the game constantly pressures you to spend 20+ on cosmetics," said one user, with another arguing the community should "Boycott CoD and ask others to do the same to force Activision to rethink their practices."

Not everyone is behind the outrage though, with some fans arguing PlayStation paid for an exclusive skin to be given to PS Plus members, so why should it not be sold at a premium for Xbox and PC users? On top of that, they argue the skin wasn't free as you still had to pay for PS Plus.

Others blame CoD community who "gobble up" store bundles

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A portion of the CoD community has given up on blaming Activision at all and instead chooses to point the finger at those who buy the cosmetics.

"You clowns support this game so I don’t feel sorry for any of you guys," said one user, with another arguing "They wouldn't put a price on it if idiots didn't gobble up everything in the store."

With CoD fans still frustrated about prices and now even turning on each other, this doesn't look like it's going to be solved anytime soon. However, with skin sales still rolling in, the devs are unlikely to make significant changes to their highly-profitable model.

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